Grindstone (aka anti-Netrunner)

IonFox 1325

"Live from the world expo, this is Valencia Estevez, who's gonna drive you into the dirt."

Take everything you were taught about netrunner and stack it in a nice pile. Done? Super! Now douse it in gasoline and toss a match there. Alright, you're ready to play this deck. 9 games out of 10, you'll run less then 10 times, have no points or credits, and about 30 tags. Oh, and you'll be winning too, so that's something.

At first, you'll just look like another eater siphon keyhole MaxX wannabe. However, people start getting suspicious as you build your board state with fall guys, josh b and other things, while thinning your stack with paige piper and drawing like crazy all the while.

Finally, once you're good to go, flip the switch and follow 3 simple steps. First, get tagged (if you aren't tagged yet you're doing it wrong). Then, proceed to mill 5 cards a turn. Lastly, maintain this board state with recurring account siphons and fall guys. And win the easiest game of netwalker ever.

Hell if you want to slow the game more and mill harder, swap out the vigils for some spoilers. Kati can also be swapped for liberated accounts. Also, if you're craving breakfast, you can use the pancakes combo for draw instead of inject and IHW, though I don't recommend it.

One last thing, ensure the corp understands it will cost 3 clicks and 24 credits to just remove your fall guys. Then just deja vu them back. Hold onto Blackmail just to keep them honest and feel free to trash all asset econ with bad publicity.

Just take this deck, put the corp on a clock, and kick back with a beverage of your choice. Good hunting everyone ^.^

11 Aug 2015 IonFox

If the list is 6 cards short, check if Old Hollywood and World of Tomorrow are on, as it may be missing paparazzi and the net pavilions.

11 Aug 2015 Leviathan

Does Spoilers stack? Love the idea! When I saw Wireless Net Pavilion I had the same idea, I just hadn't decided what ID to try it with though. I'll give this a shot. Who needs friends anyway??? :)

11 Aug 2015 Chuftbot

My favorite thing in Netrunner is not letting either side of the table play Netrunner. This deck is fantastic. My only question is why Valencia? MaxX seems like a more appropriate fit, especially with 3x almost everything.

11 Aug 2015 Flashfires

@Chuftbot At least for when Data and Destiny hits Valencia will do well in countering the All Seeing I since she starts with a bad pub to remove to counter it.

11 Aug 2015 SlayerCNV

valencia is because you can enter remotes.

12 Aug 2015 IonFox

@Leviathan They totally do. Mill 3/agenda scored? Yes please! I only chose vigil for a bit of extra draw ^.^

@Chuftbot I chose Valencia over MaxX for two reasons. First, the bad pub makes early runs and asset trashing so much more bearable, as well as provides remote pressure by enabling blackmail.

Second, MaxX's ability tends to harm this deck more than help it. Yes, a bit of draw is nice but we already have insane burst draw. You also cannot really afford to trash random cards as your recursion is limited. Furthermore, Paige Piper already allows you to trash 2 unnecesary cards a turn, without the risk that you may need them.

12 Aug 2015 rojazu

Drop 1 siphon and something else for 2 fisk seminars? Gives more free draw for you to set up quicker and takes another 6 cards out of their deck.

12 Aug 2015 Dydra

Already made a bunch of Paparazzi + Data Leak Reversal decks. Including a mega turn one. I think currently the entire purpose of existing for Paparazzi is the DLR plays.

With the last Data Pack and Wireless Net Pavilion, the deck will get even more buffed.

Nice list.

12 Aug 2015 IonFox

@rogedavi To be honest the deck's draw is already sufficient. But FIS milling another 3... that has serious potential. Great catch!

I'll test -1 Siphon, - 1 IHW, -3 Vigil for +2 FIS and +3 Spoilers. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks! ^.^

12 Aug 2015 rojazu

Glad you like the suggestion. Which cards are paige targets? Obviously eater keyhole kati paige which are all dead after the first, but would you trigger it on josh, dlr, paparazzi etc as well?

12 Aug 2015 IonFox

@rogedavi Almost always. Anything that only requires a sigle copy is a target.

13 Aug 2015 slevin38

Thoughts on Lamprey for the deck?

13 Aug 2015 153351

This deck is totally, 100% completely broken. 10-0 with this deck and no signs of stopping. If you're running 3 Swords and get a lucky Astro draw, you might win. But probably not.

13 Aug 2015 IonFox

@slevin38 This is tough. Usually vigil is the deck's flex slot, but if you swap them for lampreys, you are forced to choose between them and keyhole. Still, I suppose it could work by baiting them to overprotect either HQ or R&D, and then allow you to switch focus.

@153351 Nice work! My friend said the same thing after playtest game 4. He's thankfully still my friend >.<

13 Aug 2015 slevin38
13 Aug 2015 153351

@slevin38most of my wins come from milling, actually. no running and no money required.

14 Aug 2015 turkishvancat

What do you think about Vamp? I'm doing a similar deck out of Andy, and I've found that it's really nice to be able to follow a siphon with a Vamp to slow them down and give me time to properly mill them to death.

14 Aug 2015 IonFox

@turkishvancat The issue with vamp is that you usually dont have any money at all. Siphon doesn't care about your credit pool as long as you can get in. Also vamp further increases your vulnerability to stuff like turing, swordsman, closed accounts and crisium.

That said, if it works for you, go for it! ^.^

14 Aug 2015 turkishvancat

Another quick question: Why wouldn't you recommend the Pancakes combo for this? Did you try it and find it to be too slow initially? I feel that consistent, clickless draw, at least in the mid and end game, would help you get siphons and blackmails to lock down the corp on those turns where you otherwise wouldn't draw because you're just milling. Or do you find Vigil to be good enough for this?

15 Aug 2015 spanargoman

Great deck! How often do you use Keyhole and might Trope be better in its place?

15 Aug 2015 IonFox

@spanargoman I actually use keyhole a few times a game, as I enjoy pressuring every server. Trope can work if you want to recur siphons, blackmail, recursion and maybe fall guys. However, I would never replace keyhole with trope. Instead replace vigil, as the MU is not required and the draw is nice but not life changing.

16 Aug 2015 slevin38

The All-Seeing I seems like it will be trouble if it sees play. I played this a bit. Also seems like it has a bit of trouble with rush decks.

22 Aug 2015 RFX

What about Corporate Town? Resource trashing cannot be prevented by Fall Guy, doesn't cost 2 creds, and cannot be accessed if put behind EtR Ice (unless with Blackmail).

30 Aug 2015 rojazu

I have been playing with a variant of this deck and the vast majority of games actually end in a concession from my opponent.

I made the following changes: Influence: -1 Siphon + 2 Fisk Investment Seminar: With the amount of draw power in the deck finding the siphons is trivial. In many games you dont even need them as people are unlikely to pay 20+ creds to trash some fall guys. If they do then that is when i siphon. The FSI have been sensational, im always happy to see it and had the added bonus of auto-winning with it verses the equally solitaire Power Shutdown Haarp deck.

Econ: -3 Kati + 3 Daily Casts: I found clicking on Kati to be too painful. You really want to be digging for the pavillions as much as possible.

Others: -3 DeJa Vu +3 Spoilers. I found the game was pretty much over before i needed to recur anything. Also tried trope and found it superfluous. 3 Spoilers (combined with mills and fisk) puts so much pressure on them especially when they are racing to score out.

Programs: -2 Keyhole +1 Clot. Never Keyhole once I found it way more effective to mill 5. It wastes a lot of time to install Eater/Siphon/SoT/Keyhole, thats better served just by dedicated milling I feel. Clot can buy an extra turn verses FA decks.

The deck has some issues against FA (who doesnt!) if they draw their astros early and you cant mill them you are in a tough spot. The clot can help here as well, I'm tempted to add another clot and drop a SoT to help with the matchup.

Anyway, its a top deck although I am rapidly losing willing play partners!

5 Sep 2015 Sarevok3000

Hi - sorry for being thick - please could you explain how it costs the corp 20+ credits to trash the fall guys?

I have been playing this deck and it is very successful

7 Sep 2015 kaiten80

@Sarevok3000 If you've got all 3 Wireless Net Pavilion out, it costs the corp 8 credits to trash a resource. That, multiplied by 3 Fall Guy and you arrive at 24 credits. And then you just Déjà Vu....

9 Sep 2015 Spica

@RFX Blackmail and trash the Corporate Town.

6 Oct 2015 Rhaplanca1001

Why would you brag about this deck being "uninteractive", as though taking the fun out of the game for your opponent is a good thing?

6 Oct 2015 Aryn

Successful deck this may be, I can see people /not/ wanting to play against you because realistically, they can't play you. They can do nothing. NEH Astrobiotics, maybe, but..

I kind of would like to see this deck and style hit hard by someone with the right combination of All-Seeing I, remove that bad publicity you give them, and they continually trash your resource field.

21 Dec 2015 Acaelus.Thorne

I'm fairly new to netrunner but have been playing MtG for about twenty years. How exactly are you going to mill their deck and not run out of cards yourself?

22 Dec 2015 spanargoman

@Acaelus.Thorne The Runner doesn't lose if their Stack runs out of cards. Only the Corp has that loss condition. It's part of the asymmetrical nature of Netrunner. :)

22 Dec 2015 Acaelus.Thorne

@spanargoman Ok thats definitely a added bonus. But even still with a limited hand size it seems difficult enough. But the Fall Guys do help with that. Lastly (might be a dumb question) but besides Data leak Reversal how else do you mill them?

22 Dec 2015 spanargoman

@Acaelus.Thorne There's also Keyhole but that also helps you to throw more agendas into Archives than just being a plain mill tool. Also the Corp is forced to draw at the start of their turn so they're milling themselves.

Remember that you don't always have to mill out the Corp, you can mill enough agendas into Archives and then run Archives for an easy multi-access to score agendas and win.