Weyland (BaBW) - Tag n Bag (Deck from Single Core Set)

Trypios 1914

Just like everyone else, I started learning to play A:NR with Jinteki Vs. Kate (as the rulebook suggests). I played too many games as corp only with a single runner friend (playing Kate of course) and I always felt so poor. Not many ways to make credits other than clicking for it or Hedge Fund if I'm lucky enough, while on the other side there was a juicy Magnum Opus for up to 8cr per turn. Frustrated as I was, I started researching for my first deckbuilding. Rules were simple enough regarding Agendas and Influence, but I still couldn't make my core Jinteki deck rich enough. How can I protect myself if I can't pay 4 for a Snare! or advance a Project Junebug?

And so I went exploring other factions and Voila...Weyland and its attractive ability: 1 extra for each transaction operation...Then I thought about it and the most you can make out of the whole deck is 6! HB is way richer and became my first glacier corp. Flatlining was never my go-to strategy, but the more games I played, the more I understood that at some point the runner can lock you out of a scoring window and there must be a plan B. Weyland has Scorched Earth!

I must admit, playing Jinteki PE the main plan is flatlining and I wasn't taking risks mandatory for a shell game, with multiple servers of open traps and open agendas. I didn't understand that and turned to HB for a glacier approach, with most of my games ending with a tower of ICE on a single server, sometimes up to 5 cards of different subtypes (avoiding more than two Code Gates, because of Gordian Blade's ability keeping its strength). A Code Gate plus a couple of Barriers and maaaybe a Sentry somewhere in the fort, worked best. I usually avoid sentries in the beginning because they lack ETR and the runner usually runs naked in the beginning.

Long story short, my deck was packed with ICE and economy, Adonis, Melange, PADs, Beanstalks, Hedge Funds. Nothing else, no traps, no tagging, not even upgrades. No plan B! If the runner could manage to keep me poor, scoring plan goes bye bye. Weyland on the other hand can follow the same glacier approach but also be capable of killing the runner.

Out of the box there are limited was to tag the runner though, aside from Hunter or forfeiting a Posted Bounty, which is usually more of a miss than a hit. Runner sees advanced card, runner steals. NBN to the rescue. I borrowed a few cards that can help tag the runner and before he's able to clear the tag...drop a satellite on his house. The classic SEA/Scorched/Scorched combo. Weyland glacier games usually last longer, so combo pieces are not so difficult to be found. Make the runner respect your Data Ravens, Hunters and Shadows.

26 Aug 2017 StaticSky

After getting started with the game and putting a number of matches with the Core Set single-faction precon decks under our belts, my fiancée and I turned to your single-core decks, and we've been having a blast!

Lately, she's been running this deck, whereas I've been piloting the Noise deck you also shared. And so far, I've beaten her every single time.

Luckily, she's got a good attitude about it! She wants to keep playing the same matchup to learn until she beats me. Do you (or anyone else reading this) have advice for a relatively new player piloting this deck against the aforementioned Noise deck?

Thanks, and thanks for these great decklists! They've added a lot of enjoyment to our games.

26 Aug 2017 Trypios

hey there StaticSky. Basically, Weyland is all about killing. Cover RnD with good ice like Data Raven and start gaining cash. Build only one iced remote, the economy assets can go naked, cause even if the runner trashes them, s/he goes broke. You can ice the adonis temporarily, until you can score an agenda. But the treat is to have more cash than the runner, then wait for the Sea-Scorched combo. If you want, you can ditch a couple of cards for Snares. Lastly, since Noise can be very aggressive, Weyland can go aggro too, rush agendas early, you don't need double iced servers and Anarchs don't have much money like crims and shapers. Hope that helps.