Clean Sweep Blue Sun (1st place store champ, Montreal)

semaphores 460

16 Mar 2015 frost-duty

Good to see the deck is still taking names! Interesting changes - I'm not sure I agree with your ICE layout, but I'm glad it worked out for you ^_^

16 Mar 2015 semaphores

I like Orion as an extra target for Oversight AI, and it can be quite a surprise to rez. I admired your idea of overloading the runner's Cerberus "Lady" H1 and D4v1d tokens, but I preferred having early game ice so as to not lose to bad mulligans with only expensive ICE. Rainbow, Caduceus, Hive, and Hunter are all good early game deterrents, as well as somewhat taxing late game. A large variety of ICE keeps the runner from guessing what ICE went where. Crisium Grid fights Account Siphon, Vamp, Keyhole, and a few other things, while Subliminal Messaging and Housekeeping let you win against runners who just sit and build up. Anyway, thanks for the deck idea :)

16 Mar 2015 semaphores

I forgot to update my decklist, but I actually played 1 Hades Fragment instead of 1 Priority Requisition, to help my matchup against Noise mill.