Retired Researcher v2

Jashay 705

The original was based on the 'Armoured Turtle' build, and I've been tweaking it more to my own liking. The basic concept (Criminal R&D lock), I loved

Some things I didn't like in the original was the lack of redundancy in the breakers, Calling in Favors with a relatively low amount of Connections, Tri-maf Contact, and Crescentus.

I think the updated version has Medium in, something I tried, but have abandoned for reasons I will explain below.

I dropped a bunch of things to add second copies of all types of breakers. Call me old fashioned, but I am a firm believer that you win games 90% of the time by getting your breakers out and then getting the money to run them.

I also tweaked the resources around to add 3 x Data Folding, and replaced the Access to Globalsec with Dyson Mem Chip to help trigger them. I've gone with 3x R&D Interface over 2x Medium to help alleviate the memory costs for this reason.

The basic plan is to set up and then wreck face. If they score an early agenda, so much the better. Start getting breakers out, start getting the drip going. It is not uncommon for this deck to be making 5-7 clickless per turn by the midgame. That's some serious economic power, and it helps keep you fairly safe from scorches and punitives when combined with an okay .

I'm still not convinced by Garrote. It just eats slightly too much memory for me to be comfortable, but Grim is far too common around here, as is Ichi. I have considered dropping an R&D Interface for a Feedback Filter and a Creeper, almost entirely to deal with Grim. It's entirely possible that I could use the Faerie to cover me, or use the Femme Fatale, but it still feels awkward.

I might change the Armitage Codebusting back to Tri-maf Contact. I hate the idea of having to worry about the meat damage, though.

Two HQ Interface might be excessive, too. Not sure what they're worth replacing with though