Meaty Palana (4-1 1st Place Calgary SC)

yads 138

This is based on CTZs Punitive Palana shell. a few notable changes: adding Archived Memories for the Punitive->Archived->Punitive play as well as a Voter Intimidation for dealing with film critic or even something like a Turning Wheel. Cortex Lock is also just really good in the early game and this deck wants to rush hard.

DNA Trackers, Kakugos, and Data Loops are for your remote, in which you're hopefully IAA a lot. Is it an Obokata, Nisei, Bacterial, NGO, or Gene Splicer? Who knows? Beware of centrals pressure and that's what the Crisium and Miraju is for. Bacterial Programming is such a good agenda. You either propel yourself way forward after you score it, or can potentially stabilize after it gets stolen. Genetics Pavilion is the MVP of the deck really slows the runner down and allows you to go faster than them.

Wins came against: Combo Mill MaxX, Au Revoir Wu (through sheer luck), Edward Kim (in an ID situation), and Trashcan Haley. Loss came in Swiss against the same Trashcan Haley, due to a misplay and missing a scoring window.

9 Mar 2018 djkokakola

Excuse me it is Pirate Hayley, not trashcan Hayley. Completely different, and I resent that! =P

Great first game, unfortunate GF game. I'll beat you come regionals, eh?

9 Mar 2018 yads

Ah yes, Pirate Haley. Yeah I did get quite the god draw in the final game didn't I. We might have another SC though, just figuring some stuff out with PM Hobby!

9 Mar 2018 saracenus

Um. CTZ's deck already has Archived Memories in its base build. I will say congrats on the win.

9 Mar 2018 yads

@saracenus he must have updated it since I'd looked at it. He was originally on 3x Architect.

9 Mar 2018 saracenus

@yads his published SC winner was on a singleton Archived Memories and no Architect. See it here: CTZMANVS_STRESS (Undefeated SF SC). You must have been working from a older build that he published.

9 Mar 2018 yads

Yeah definitely, I was working off a build he did on stream. Looks like the agenda composition is totally different too, much more kill focused.