"Swift Shadow-Lock"

Kelfecil 1806

2nd place Belgian Nationals Report with deck explanation: http://nedrunner.nl/the-rogue-road-to-2nd-place-in-belgium/

6 Jul 2015 krystman

I love you. I love this.

6 Jul 2015 prozz


6 Jul 2015 siowy


6 Jul 2015 Issalbotproto

I love the fact a silhouette made it to top 4 at a nationals

6 Jul 2015 Argamas

Well done, Kel, love your Jinteki decks and now your crazy Silhouette. I even like your judging :D

6 Jul 2015 Kelfecil

Thanks @Argamas, I really appreciate the good words! :)

6 Jul 2015 Kelfecil

A little correction, it's x2 Symmetrical Visage and x1 less Inside Job and x1 less Express Delivery.

7 Jul 2015 AKirkland

Love that Silhouette made it to the podium, but what would you do if one of your breakers got trashed? Could you find room for Deja Vu maybe?

7 Jul 2015 Kelfecil

@AKirkland that is indeed a problem! But I found it fast enough to be able to get the Switchblade online to continue checking without any problems. That's the reason why you should always install the program if you have it in hand. The new Marcus psi card might make that a problem, so yeah, I'd include more cards for recursion in the future probably.

As I mention in my report too, sometimes, I would even inside job HQ if I don't know the ice there and I want my programs to be safe just so that I can expose it, but usually I facecheck without programs and then inside job when I have at least one.

8 Jul 2015 percomis

@Kelfecil I hope you still check this thread: did Notoriety ever work out for you? Against what decks did you plan to use it? I played this deck online for the past couple of days and while I never found it useful, replacing it with an Akamatsu Mem Chip seems to be a good idea (to help with early pressure if you don't see your Desperado) or even another Desperado/Inside Job/Express Delivery.

8 Jul 2015 monky

Oh man. Like this. My favorite id. Firefly man from eidhoven regionals likes your deck!!! :-)

8 Jul 2015 Kelfecil

@monky ahahaha I knew you would! :D ~hi5~

@percomis I could have won the 3rd round of the Winners Bracket against HB with 6 ICE on R&D and 3 ICE on HQ with Notoriety, but I blacked out. Notoriety gives an answer to so many dire situations. I have in there mostly for RP and HB decks that I am stuck and can't find the last agenda at 6 points while they are trying to score in their huge remote. It always means they won't put too much money into rezzing things end-game since they want to keep money for scoring with the remote. It's an exceptionally good card, despite being really situational still an amazing card.

8 Jul 2015 gumed85

Great Job @Kelfecil! It feels a little short on money though... Do you feel it needs more econ?

9 Jul 2015 percomis

@Kelfecil thanks for the answer :) Another question: often I find that if they stack Sentries, my recurring stealth money isn't enough (happens against RP centrals mostly). Have you thought about using Dagger (and switching out IHW for something else)? I have a feeling though that I'm not playing aggressively enough when they are able to stack ICE that deep.

9 Jul 2015 Kelfecil

@percomis I've had occasions where they stacked 3 sentries AND a code gate. That's why the Ghost Runners help a lot in the end-game. You shouldn't rely on them to help you in the early game. That's why you draw a lot. But yeah, Dagger instead of IHW could be good I suppose! Would definitely help the end-game since you would only need x1 stealth cred to up the strength of Dagger.

@gumed85 Thanks man! No I really think it doesn't need more money. You can draw 2 cards per turn and still be able to install things since everything is so cheap. Siphons pay for the Interfaces mid/late-game.

As @krystman already pointed out, this build is really fragile and needs a lot of pressure early game in order to have a good effect late-game. But there's a fine balance of how many cards you should draw on your turn and how much face-checking you want to be doing (especially against jinteki, you need a sentry breaker out fast).

10 Jul 2015 Kngrichard

Yo dude, evreything in this deck SCREAMS your name. Hahaha gj!

16 Jul 2015 gumed85

@Kelfecil whats your opinion on Enhanced Vision?

16 Jul 2015 Kelfecil

@gumed85 it is surely a fine card and a really cheap one which doesn't hurt having, but in a 40 cards deck like this one I wouldn't add it since it isn't something that helps with the fast building of the rig, or to apply pressure. If you really want it in the deck, I would remove x1 Plascrete. Tread with care though. :P

19 Aug 2015 Zail

If you are worried that a breaker will get sniped then a single copy of something like Crypsis may not go astray. I would imagine that Silhouette: Stealth Operative has an in built ability to avoid such an event provided she can get into HQ.

19 Aug 2015 Zail

@Kelfecil Congratulations on getting so far with two IDs that the community tends to think little of as a whole.

1 Sep 2015 Boodzik

Would you include Drive By for trashing eco-assets or caprise/batty?