Jacques Out

atomic 297

Is this deck competitive? Probably not. Is this deck fun? Absolutely.

Having 5 clicks a turn to gain 3 credits per "jack out" and see 5 random cards from HQ feels pretty good. How about a 6th "click" before your turns begins, bringing your Au Revoir engine money up to a possible 18 credits? That feels even better.

What happens when they ICE every server, you say? That's what you bring your Snitch for. What about Jak then? That's what you bring Nero for. Find a server with a sentry on the outside and abuse it each turn.

Criminals don't have a reliable way to get your Au Revoirs out? Well if you haven't found your econ engine then chances are you've stumbled on at least a couple of your Spy Cams. Rearrange your deck and get out the pieces you need. Then use them to snipe R&D late game.

Isn't that Sunny breaker suite expensive? Oui, but you'll be making beaucoup Au Revoir credits while your Underworld Contacts trickle in even more creds.

4 Apr 2016 deliveryman

Why no leg work? You get to see everything in there hand so you know when to attack! Also zul is the breaker code gate cloud breaker. You could also do one of each of the breakers to free up some influence. I would go a levy and street peddlers, looking at the top of you stack would let you load the peddlers just how you want them.

4 Apr 2016 atomic

@deliveryman I had Legworks but changed them out for HQIs to combo better with Sneakdoor Beta. Interesting idea about the peddlers, I'll look into that. Thanks!

4 Apr 2016 rojazu

needs more memory

4 Apr 2016 MikeJS

@rogedavi Reflection + Cloud Breakers means he's fine for MU I reckon. @atomic, did you consider the other (in-faction) cloud breakers? If so, why not use them?

4 Apr 2016 atomic

@MikeJS I considered the B&E suite but they would require more deckspace for the breakers as well as support breakers since they're all one use. It would be possible to include all three as well as a one of the Sunny breakers I guess, but I'd need to find room for 6 more cards and then whatever else I used the influence on. Maybe in v2.0. Thanks for the idea!

4 Apr 2016 HuskerDu

c'est magnifique. j'adore ca

4 Apr 2016 atomic

@HuskerDu Merci!

5 Apr 2016 The Broken Meeple

Just one question on the rulings. Reflection states that the Corp REVEALS a card from HQ at random. HQ Interface states that whenever YOU ACCESS CARDS you access an additional one. I'm not sure you can actually use HQ Interface to boost Reflection's ability in this way.

5 Apr 2016 deliveryman

No you can't. The way he wrote it is a bit confusing, but he was saying that you run 5 times you get 15 credits and 5 reveals.

5 Apr 2016 The Broken Meeple

Also, given that you're going for Spy Camera to rearrange your deck, are the Hostages necessary?

5 Apr 2016 atomic

@The Broken Meeple @deliveryman is correct, sorry if my wording was confusing.

As for the Hostages, they allow you to pull out exactly which connection you are missing (most of the time Jak) and allow you to shuffle, enabling Spy Cam digging even further.

7 Apr 2016 Bearpaw

Are you sure Jak works with Au Revoir?

7 Apr 2016 tiedyedvortex

@Bearpaw I think the ruling is that non-optional program effects still trigger--for example, you can't spend Datasucker tokens during a Jak run, but if you hit Archives you can still get the extra counters.

Because Au Revoir doesn't say "may", it still fires. I think.

7 Apr 2016 atomic

@Bearpaw @tiedyedvortex is correct.


10 Apr 2016 atomic

Updated version with suggested changes: Jacques Out Redux