Code Siphon

Code Siphon 0[credit]

Event: Run
Influence: 4

Run R&D. If successful, instead of breaching R&D, you may search your stack for 1 program. Install it, paying 3[credit] less for each piece of ice protecting R&D, and then take 1 tag.

Illustrated by Shawn Ye Zhongyi
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The Source (ts)

#115 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
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The Source

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Yet another program tutor for Shapers. If Test Run and SMC didn't exist, this would be phenomenal, but they do, so it's only decent.

Looking at the card by it's own merits, it's excellent. It's installing a program for the action spent to play the event, and gets a potential discount when running R&D. The tag will probably be removed, since most Shaper decks I see have no desire to be or stay tagged.

Now I'll compare the card to the other Shaper tutors. Compared it SMC, this card is far worse, solely because it isn't instant speed. This will not replace SMC in any deck.

Secondly, this is better or worse than Test Run depending on the kind of deck you're playing. If you get a benefit from having a card out for a turn, like one would with D4d1v or Cerberus "Lady," or you Scavenge plus expensive programs to combo it with, Test Run is the better choice. Otherwise, Code Siphon is usually more effective.

Lastly, if you run enough "Toolbox" programs (x1 copies of situational programs to tutor for), or programs essential to your deck's strategy (like Keyhole or Magnum Opus), then it's fine to run all three tutoring cards. It might be a bit too much for the majority of decks, but it'll definitely be good for certain decks.

Overall, Code Siphon is a great card but to some extent overshadowed by the other tutors. Expect it to see some play, but not impact the meta much.

(All That Remains era)
I feel like in a post-rotation world, this card might need to be reevaluated. Obviously it needs to target a server with ICE that you can already break, but if you've got the opening this could save you 3-6 credits which is pretty important given the extremely poor state of runner economy now. —

I want to like this card. I do. You utilize the Corporation's code sequences and data to create your own program, saving time and money!

Unfortunately, this card doesn't function as intended. It is meant as a tutor for expensive ice breakers (although it can be any program). Unless you are running some kind of headlock (which can't spare the influence normally) or vamp our of shaper (which has better options and better things to do after vamping), there just isn't a place for it. This is because, in most cases. You don't need to use it if you can get it to trigger.

The problem, in most scenarios, is the fact that R&D is heavily guarded. This is used for fetching expensive programs, which you most likely need to break into R&D to begin with. It looks great in concept, but it will generally require the moving parts you are attempting to tutor for to pull it off at all. With Eater, you might be able to tutor for that breaker to get into the remote, that you could fetch using more efficient tools. In the end (in most cases) you will spend more time and money using this to get in, then it will to use another tutor or just draw and install what you are looking for.

The only identity that can currently benefit from this card, in my opinion, is Kit. With Tinkering and Cyber-Cypher, you can get though a two ice r&d cheaper enough to make it worth while.

Overall though, there will usually be too many conditions in place for the card to do its job, for it to see much play.

(Chrome City era)
why not nasir? —

Very good card for Kit.

Also should be considered in criminal, especially Ken (as the influence hit isn't that harsh) or Gabe (corp would likely to prefet good HQ defense). Either way, it's a good follow-up after Siphoning/Vamping the corp, leaving him unable to rez R&D ICE.

(All That Remains era)
A good thing is that the ices dont need to be rezzed. —
I enjoy this card in Nasir. My first turn use to be install cards spending 5 credits, then code siphon... if corp rez ice, I gain credits; if corp doesn't rez, I install a program like D4v1D. Never losing. —