Net Celebrity

Net Celebrity 1[credit]

Event: Current
Influence: 1

This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is scored.

1[recurring credit]

Use this credit during a run.

Fifteen seconds of fame.
Illustrated by Isuardi Therianto
Decklists with this card

The Spaces Between (tsb)

#38 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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This is a Card, i've never seen played and no comments here either.
Why is that so? The card is not that bad.



  • Deckspace?
  • Can easily be trashed by the Corp?

I don't think the Cons outweight the Pros. Sure, if the Deckspace is thight, this is one of the first Cards to go, but i got it even in my Chaos Theory Deck and although it hasn't won me a game yet, it was no burden and the Credits were useful.

(Data and Destiny era)
It is actually the combination of the too cons. For one it does not give you one credit per run. It saves you one credit for the one of your runs. For this to be of any use it should save you a credit for at least 4 turns in each of which you make at least one run and the corp does not score. And then you basically have Easy Mark... and even that is not a big impact. So unless you're playing against a corp that won't score for at least 4 consecutive rounds this doesn't do anything for you. —
I think this card has a place in paced decks where a run per turn is desired (R&D lock comes to mind). It also could help new players in teaching decks by encouraging a run each turn for max value. Also one of the lower-influence currents which synergizes with any runner already trying to run each turn (Kim, Val, Whizzard, Reina, Gabe, Silouette, Tenma, Test Andy). —
@Capstone: The way to calculate the economic value of a card is always debatable and depending on the point of view. But you ignore the function of canceling Corp-Currents completly and you expect that the Card is almost always trashed in 3 Rounds. That can of corse happend, but it doesn't have to. —
You can add to the Pros that it is a credit outside the credit pool and so it helps Nasir with Pop-up Windows and Paper Wall. Not that other tools don't also exist for this issue. —
@haywire: Sorry if that came off wrong in my previous posting. I'm not saying this card is bad, it's just low economic impact and that's why no one is playing it. Also cancelling currents is nice however you rarely see currents played at all. Being a current also means that if Net Celebrity is already active any additional draw of that card is dead until NC is trashed. You are correct that you might not have it trashed in 3 rounds however if you're playing a long game you basically get into late game and that's where shaper shines anyway. So I don't see this as a good include. If you didn't try to run 45 or even 40 you might consider it though. —
As a matter of fact, i played a Chaostheory Deck on including this Card and it was good to have, because it cancelled 2 Media Blitz and the Credits were always useful, because the runs were incredibly taxing (HB-Glacier). As I said: It's devinetly not the best Card out there, but it's not bad and it suits my playstyle :) —
The cred is a bit flexible, so it cheapens SMC and Clone Chip installs, breaks subs, or trashes assets. I can see it getting use in control decks where you can slow the corp'a scoring down and get some extra turns out of it. Ken with Acct Siphon and CBI raid comes to mind. —

A good general purpose review already exists for this card, so I'm going to say something different.

This card is meh, most of the time, and can seem like it sucks, compared to juggernauts like Employee Strike, and "Freedom Through Equality" (let alone Rumor Mill); all of which anyone could feasibly fit into any deck archetype.

So where does that leave Net Celebrity? In a stealth deck.

Whaaaat?! You say incredulously.

Well stealth decks are built around recurring stealth creds, and to be sure, this is not one. HOWEVER, Net Celeb takes the sting out of cards like Blackstone, or even Houdini, which also require real creds. Blackstone is, arguably, the best stealth barrier breaker, but none of them are great, and they are costly to pump.

Net Celeb of course can be used just as easily for any other breaker, to break a sub, or help trash an asset, at any time.

Coupled with its ability to clear a corp current, and then give you a little boost, consider it a simple addition to a stealth deck that is looking for some more economic support, and might not have the influence for other more popular currents.

(Quorum era)