Awakening Center

Awakening Center 2[credit]

Trash: 3
Influence: 1

Awakening Center can host bioroid ice (each piece is installed facedown, ignoring all install costs).

Whenever the Runner passes all of the ice protecting this server, you may rez a piece of ice on Awakening Center, lowering the rez cost by 7[credit], to force the Runner to encounter it. Trash that ice after the run is completed.

Illustrated by Diana Martinez
Decklists with this card

Creation and Control (cac)

#21 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2017-04-09

    Ice hosted on Awakening Center can be rezzed through other card effects, but a rezzed piece of ice cannot be encountered unless it was rezzed by Awakening Center. [Official FAQ]

  • Updated 2017-04-09

    Only one piece of hosted ice on Awakening Center can be encountered per run. [Official FAQ]

  • Updated 2017-04-09

    Ice on Awakening Center are in the server and do not count as ice protecting the server. [Official FAQ]

  • Updated 2021-10-11

    Can the Runner use Tāo Salonga to swap a piece of ice protecting a server with ice hosted on ​Awakening Center​?

    Yes, but only if that piece of ice is a rezzed ​bioroid​, because Awakening Center​ is only a legal location for ​bioroid​ ice. If the ice is unrezzed, the Runner cannot demonstrate that the swap is legal. It does not matter if the ice was exposed earlier in the game or is otherwise known by the Runner; it only matters whether the Runner is allowed to see the ​bioroid​ subtype at the time Tāo’s ability resolves. If a rezzed bioroid​ is swapped this way, the Corp will not be able to pay the cost to force the Runner to encounter it with Awakening Center​​’s second ability unless another effect derezzes the ​bioroid​.


Did you mistakenly put a big piece of Bioroid like Wotan or Janus 1.0 into your deck and now you don't have the to rez it? Perhaps Awakening Center could turn your mistake into a neat little one-off and give the runner a bit of a sweat.

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(Data and Destiny era)
I personally tried it and I still find it hard to use it. —
People usually think it's an Ash upgrade (come back next clic) and I like the idea of hiding anything else. From a Ichi to a Heimdall (or, if you have 9 creds a surprise Janus) but it's one use. I also don't get if I have to spend or if I can host it while the runner is coming to the server —
@valerian32 : corp player can only host a bioroid on Awakening Center by installing it during its turn, spending a click. And Awakening Center has to be rezzed first. —
Could we combo it with Breaker Bay Grid, for a total discount of 12 credits? —
Well, *obviously* this is what you do with this card: —
...find out the site doesn't support multiline comments; write a review instead —

The 100% guaranteed most obvious way to use this card:

  1. Install Tech Startup on a server with one or two ice
  2. Find Alix T4LB07 with your startup and rez it
  3. Install Awakening Center on the same server
  4. Install 3 ice on AC with Shipment from Mirrormorph
  5. Install even more ice if you like (optional)
  6. Look at the runner's puzzled expression as they wonder wtf you're doing (optional)
  7. When you feel like it, take the money from Alix (I doubt any runner would want to run this server at this point)
  8. Install Self-Destruct on the server
  9. Wait.
  10. If the runner's not biting, install an agenda or Director Haas or whatever on the server
  11. Laugh maniacally as you blow up your Awakening Center with a stack of unused ice on it.
  12. ???
  13. Profit

Let me know if you manage to build a deck that does this. Do it for science.

(Data and Destiny era)
You evil genius. —
Hilarious, but Self Destruct still tops out at 3 net damage. Hardly enough for a kill. —
It's not about the net damage. It's about sending a message. —

Unless there is a ruling otherwise, it would seem that this card can combo with TL;DR. So you can drop Awakening Center in a server behind a single TL;DR, host any scary Bioroid ice, say an Ichi 2.0 or Enforcer 1.0, install an agenda (or Snare!), and then say come get me. It's a little click intensive but for just a handful of credits you've potentially got a pretty scary server.

(Data and Destiny era)
Enforcer still forces you to forfeit an agenda if used this way. Pretty much any other bioroid is a better choice. —
Oh man, that's brillant. —
@FarCry Domestic Sleepers? But yeah, Enforcer would be a weird choice. If the runner runs last click though... —

On it's own to just rez fling Bioroids at runners I do not believe that it is that good. However when you consider that there are Director Haas' Pet Project, Archived Memories, Reclamation Order and Team Sponsorship all within faction I believe that this can do some work. I can forsee this to give you an early boost to help get you through the early game and open you up for a solid late game (who wants to face several Ichi 2.0 late game?).

(Data and Destiny era)

Thanks to the 23 Seconds incident, Awakening Center got a bit more support. The Flashpoint Cycle released cards that encourage you to at least try some crazy things with Creation and Control cards like this one.

  • You'll obviously want to put in some exciting bioroids into your Architects of Tomorrow deck.
  • Fairchild is one such exciting bioroid, as is Sherlock
  • A single F3 protecting this server means that the runner might be out of when they encounter that bioroid you just forced them to encounter.
  • After you pitch the ice, you can always call your Friends in High Places to install them regular-type OR back onto the Center. You could also get back a trashed Center.

Hell, you could stack Centers. They would trigger simultaneously, so you decide the order of encounter. Vikram-Ichi double-punch!

Yeah, it's still a bit janky, but it will definitely catch people off-guard.

(Quorum era)

Late to the party and happy to say that I love me some Netrunner. I tend to stick to the janky combos needing several moving parts, so with that said, here we go!

I have found Awakening Center to be a great deterrent early/mid game. They see that I have a card on it and know it is most likely something nasty, so while I have 6-9 money and until they have something out that can deal with the mystery threat, they tend to not run the server. Combine having an Enhanced Protocol out, it can usually force bad decision on the Runner, especially in a remote server with an advanced card in it. I also include Mushin No Shin, Cerebral Overwriter and Junebug in my deck, to help increase the chances for the pressure to backfire. This is a janky combo that has a few moving parts and not being a competitive player, something I am known to run, but lining it up and watching the Runner realize they must face the beast is so fun. I also run Shell Corporation just in case they don’t take the bait of the trap, raise up the money to 9+ and see what will happen.

Also, how do you link cards in your review?

(Uprising era)