Haas Arcology AI

Haas Arcology AI 2[credit]

Trash: 1
Influence: 4

Haas Arcology AI can be advanced only while unrezzed.

[click], hosted advancement token: Gain [click][click]. Use this ability only once per turn.

Illustrated by Aaron Firem
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Creation and Control (cac)

#11 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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This asset is essentially a risky biotic labor. The risk is that it is an asset and a cheap trash to boot. You can't rely on it for a key strategy or you'll find that strategy ruined when it gets trashed. Compared to Biotic the obvious upside is that it can result in more than one extra click. A twice advanced Haas Arcology AI is worth two Biotics at the price of just one. The arcology has an additional disadvantage in that it takes at least 3 to become worth playing, 1 to sintall and 2 to advance.

This should all be pretty obvious, so lets illustrate a few points that might make this more desirable in a specific setup over just a normal Biotic Labor.


-This card is more easily recursible and tuterable, Executive Boot Camp and Tech Startup can fetch this out for you when you need it, Team Sponsorship, Architect can recurse used and/or trashed copies, multiple times even. Blue Sun: Powering the Future can recurse this right off the table.

-This card can be used for hidden information tricks, play it in a heavily iced glacier remote and advance it twice, bluffing a 3-5. If he goes for it he'll have to break your glacier, possibly spending enough to open a scoring window next turn. If he leaves it alone you can rezz it and FA one or even two 2-3's in a row from your hand, assuming he still doesnt go for it after you complete the first one. A unique Jinteki deck could even install this naked and advance twice.


In other words, Biotic Labor has much less risk, is much more easily splashed (it doesn't require support cards) and far quicker, Haas Arcology AI however when pulled off is likely to be worth two or three times as many scored agendas at a much lower cost.

If your deck uses asset recursion already to reuse Adonis Campaign or Eve Campaign, likes to glacier up and/or tutors assets AND uses Biotic Labor already for FA strategies, then give this card a test run. When pulled off it will work beautifully, but to make it work you need to align a few stars first.

(The Universe of Tomorrow era)
Something worth noting is that Haas Arcology AI can only be used once per turn. So, you need to spend additional resources to defend it in another server; otherwise you risk clogging your scoring server and agenda flooding. —
Thats part of the gamble, the idea isnt dedicating resouces to protect it, the trick is to use existing resources to protect this to then play your agendas directly from hand, instead of protecting an agenda in a big ice-heavy remote you protect this in that same remote and use it to chain out agendas from your hand. —

This card isn't played very often, but it's worth noting that it is one of the least expensive Fast Advance options in the game. The first FA target costs 1 click, one card, and 3 credits. Every FA target after that (note that you much advance HAAI before you rez) costs just one credit.

Those numbers above look great, but the problem is your initial investment of (probably) one card, 3 clicks, and 2 credits might be lost if the Runner accesses HAAI and trashes it for a (measly) one credit.

There are major risks with this card and 2 major downsides (can only advance unrezzed and the 1 trash cost). However in the right deck you can do some major work with this card.

(All That Remains era)
Let's be honnest, —
This card only store click for later. —
That's the point: it allows you to score a 2/3 from hand. —

An interesting backup plan for glacier-ey decks utilizing the HB 3/2 agendas. You can throw it down in your scoring server, advance once (or ideally twice), and then either the runner runs through your scoring server (which ideally would open up a real scoring window by draining their resources), or you get a free and safe fast-advance turn, and potentially two if it lives. Can create useful win-win situations without dropping the influence for SanSans.

Now the downside: you probably are just running Biotics. It does the same thing, usually cheaper and safer. I could see a deck that is utilizing The Root, or cards that make trashing assets far more hazardous, perhaps making this a more friendly option. But right now it's hard to imagine a time you'd prefer to have this over a Biotic.

(Order and Chaos era)
As someone who played the very lopsided Cerebral Imaging match-up last week, I think "Edward Kim" is such an occasion. (Don't think it's worth the deck space for that addition, but worth noting.) —