i know what you did last cycle

chowyunbrent 89

Designed to mess with the runners deck. Sniff around their stack and trash econ, look in their hand with snoop and kill those nasty surprises.

Plenty of asset economy, all expensive to trash to keep the runner poor, lock it in with encryption protocols.

City surveillance for tags, and once they slip, big brother... And then the tags will just keep rising...

Thoughts suggestions?

16 Oct 2014 Softman25

I can almost guarantee that you're not going to be able to have enough ICE to ICE both HQ and RnD - and any assets you want to hold.

I'd recommend Data Raven highly - especially considering the route you're taking, and a bit more non-asset money. Sweeps is always fun, as is Hedge Fund and all that.

Also something like Enigma / Quandry. Only ETR (essentially) is Eli and Tollbooth - and Tollbooth will just bankrupt you if you have to flip it.

I really like the idea though, for sure!

16 Oct 2014 chowyunbrent

Thanks for your advice @Softman25 , I agree that the ice could probably be improved.not sure about data raven but some more etr for sure.

I'll try and squeeze some hedge funds in, not sure about sweeps week as it doesn't work well with snoop if I'm trashing cards.

All the assets are hopefully prohibitively expensive to trash, so don't mind losing a few if it keeps the runner poor.

16 Oct 2014 Softman25

Unless you get incredibly lucky and roll triple Encryption Protocol out, the assets bar SanSan / Marked are not that expensive. Sure it keeps the runner busy, but not busy enough if they're running a deck with a half decent economy. (Although I'll admit in the current meta that's not really a thing - see generally Stealth Kit / Stealth Nasir / Nasir w/ floating credits - so you might pull a giant advantage through that...)

Yeah, I always just get all jittery when I see decks like this because I smell every time some big fat early game from the runner because you're just not drawing ICE.

Also RE: Sweeps - There is never a chance you'll be trashing cards the entire game - at least from hand. Chances are that you'll get a reasonably low hit rate with the snoops, because people are too afraid of a kill deck - and snoop plays into that perfectly. And when they get afraid of kill decks, they draw...so hard - and you get rich. Advantage of Sweeps is that it only has a 1 cost - as opposed to Hedge which has a 5.

I was also thinking about the deck last night when I was cracking my shiny new Lunar Cycle, and if you can, I'd recommend Information Overload for this deck - again given the path you're taking. Would absolutely destroy if you can catch the runner by surprise.

17 Oct 2014 chowyunbrent

@Softman25 thanks! Yeah Information Overload. Would be perfect. Don't have that card yet but can see how it fits in perfectly.

I see what you mean about sweeps, though am not so sure what you mean about snoop playing into a kill deck? Is it because its a sentry tracer?

17 Oct 2014 sebn83

I like the idea here - I'd like to call it an old skool NBN tagging deck, but i don't think it was ever really in fashion!

Info Overload looks like a perfect fit

Also love the name!

17 Oct 2014 Softman25

Snoop plays into the kill deck because the power counters can be used at any time - and to trash any card in the runner's hand. One less card means one less damage you need to deal to flatline. Hope that sorts it out.

17 Oct 2014 chowyunbrent

Of course! How obvious.thank you. Thanks @sebn83 glad you like the idea... Better in theory than practice currently.

17 Oct 2014 chowyunbrent

Of course! How obvious.thank you. Thanks @sebn83 glad you like the idea... Better in theory than practice currently.