Ken-Temba! (1st Local Tournament)

DrunkAlex 328

Been using this deck since H&P with quite some succes uptill now. It placed me first at a small store championship (2 wins, 1 loss due to dubbel scourged).

This deck is pure calculated aggression. I always try to play meaningful runs with events. Runs not played through a card are meant to be probing runs to see what kind of ice they have or to load up data sucker. You should and will face check with this deck. Early game is meant for checking everything out, install the necessary breakers and go. Prepaid VoicePad is great in this deck. Once you have one or 2 installed most events are really cheap and Sure Gamble/Lucky Find threshold becomes really low (playing lucky find for free feels really good).

I think most of the cards in this deck are self explanatory. 3x Crash Space is a recent addition. It used to be 3x Plascrete, but I think Crash Space might be more useful as floating tags doesn't only mean meat damage in the coming meta (tag me decks are going to become less popular). Paper tripping in upstalk might also be a useful addition. That or Lawyer Up, although I'm still not convinced how efficient that card is.