Montreal Heresy 47

Diogene 1052

Result of 221 back and forth discussion on Mtl Netrunner Slack between me, amavric, is44ru and ShinMuteki.

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The heresy is 47 cards! What to cut?

This deck attempt to do ice destruction in Shaper while still being good against a variety of archetype in the meta.

The economy of the deck is based around Aesop's Pawnshop. Paule's Café can be used to make installations of expensives programs (Atman and Engolo) cheaper.

Atman will probably be at strenght 3 or 4. Datasucker will let you arrange the strenght of ice to make it cheap.

Hernando Cortez will penalize the corp a lot.

Tell me what you think of it.

23 Feb 2021 ShinMuteki

Will give it some runs and tell you! Good work by the way!

24 Feb 2021 gilesdavis

Nice! I think I'm going to test this;

25 Feb 2021 Pokerface

No diesels! 47 Cards! That's quite the heresy! I would probably cut the Paule's Cafes and try to add the diesels back in (maybe getting rid of an Atman in the process).

26 Feb 2021 Saan

You really only ever need one Engolo, so there's a cut right there. Beyond that, Paule's isn't really doing much other than being a worse SMC. Like SMC, it installs cards on the fly, except you need to both find Paule's Cafe and the card, and also enough unique connections to make Paule's a discount. Also, it makes you play weird connections, like Hernando. Plus, almost everything you want to install in this deck already costs 1c, so the discount doesn't even matter. All it really does is allow you to install things on the Corp's turn, which is actually super sick in Hayley.

So if you really want to keep Paule's, what I'd do is take out extra connections like Miss Bones and Hernando, because lowering the cost drastically isn't really needed, and you already have Beth and Aesop's to lower the cost to normal (or slightly below). Then, I'd probably add in Imp with the influence, since that allows you to trash problematic cards like Vacheron.

So, in summary:

-1 Engolo, -1 Hernando Cortez, -1 Miss Bones

+1 Imp

2 Mar 2021 Linither

So my chang would be -1 Engolo. Swap 3x Mem Chip for 2x Supercorridor. Reason being I don't think you ever are trying to get 3 memory installed, your running 3x just so you can get the 2nd one earlier. You don't really want Memchip in your opening hand so you shouldn't run 3x. Most of the time Supercorridor is bad because it costs you to much tempo to install and it just sits in hand. With this deck you can get a discount on the install unlike the memchip. and you can park it on Cafe until you need it or can trigger the +2 credits on your install turn. Any thoughts?