Lord of the Euler: The Return of The Kit (STTYC winner, 4:0)

mildesorte10 335


I have been a huge fan of this ID for a long time, and when longi announced this tournament, the choice for runner ID was easy. Kit has generally only one weakness and it is 10 influences, but in this format the influence limit did not matter. First, when chosing suitable code gate breaker, I thought of Engolo, but during testing it did not prove to be good enough, it was too predictable. Then I switched to Euler that is very effective breaker when you have means to reinstall it. The combination with Cybertrooper Talut makes the combo even stronger. The second choice was about economy engine and if you want to trash something and re-instal it (Euler, Lady), then Aesop was right choice.

Thanks Longi, Krasty and TwadaCZ for this alternative format tournament, it was fun.

2 Feb 2021 Sanjay

The 3x Euler rig works like a dream. I played the deck a little and it just hums.

3 Feb 2021 mildesorte10

@Sanjay its working like a Hell :D

7 Feb 2021 Diogene

It was amazing to see in the tournament, even when I was on the receiving end of it. Congratulation on your victory, it is well earned.