Pawn your Hammer WIP

Dunsch 17

Even though I think this is an old idear for an Edward Deck I'm trying myself out in building one for the actual meta. I got the first idear of buliding this deck shortly after the 2020 Storechampionship in Rosenheim, where my previous Edward Deck miserably failed. The core of this deck is the Pawning and reinstalling of the heap breakers with Aesops and Cybertrooper so that even runs through more layers of ICE aren't too expensive for the somtimes not so economical heap breakers. This goes around the idear of Pawning the Breaker which is needed most before the next run. To make it more economical there are some Trickster Takas and Cyberfeeders in this deck, and in most of the tests they were worth a heck of a lot of money. The nice side effect of Cybertrooper is that you get one Link and a DreamNet is now giving you credits. The second little engine for a little flexebility is the usage of a combination of Climactic Showdown and Divide and Conquer, where when the corp decides not to trash an ICE you can easily get into HQ to see 3 Cards, but the most of the time you won't be able to trigger the Edward ability. The rest of the Cards are more or less good stuff Anarch cards. To the next questions why there are some single cards in here when we all like to use them a bit more often than once: Stimhack this is just a tool to contest a Big Server you need to run or to start of but most of the time this deck is efficient enought to get in without it or you didn't drew the breakers you needed in time. Datasucker nice to have to contest big ICE but I think of throwing it out because I didn't used it once Imp Hey you are Edward, this deck is efficient and we have Hippo why is this in here there are some ICE we don't want to break or we see the second Operation it's there just in case Medium nice to have this deck dosen't really need access all cards in RnD but it's so nice to see a lot of cards off of RnD

As this is a WIP Deck and I wanted to share my current idears on this deck here are some changes I want to make. Throw out the Datersucker smaller deck lets you easier draw the cards you really need Change out the Cyberfeeder with Multithreader because they give more money back. Add an Parasite to deal with nasty little Thimblerigs or to slowly kill a Bulwark behind an unrezzed ICE. Kick the two Wanton Destruction because I do not use them. Get one more Stimhack that i don't have to fear to much to kill it with Zer0.