Haarpshop Revenge

tehepicwin 32

Unfortunately I came across the classic “go to a previous page once your write up is literally done” so this write up won’t be as in-depth as I’d like ‘cause I’m tired after writing the entire thing. There will be questions you’ll have. Just ask them, because I probably wrote the answer to it in the old write-up, so I’ll know it.

This is a Haarp flatline deck, and the only decent one I’ve made so far. I became the cult leader of my own sect, to allow our evil demonlord Haarpshop to take its revenge.

It’s centred around assembling and activating a DIY midseasons. Stock buyback enables disgusting credit bursts, and you use these credits to Sea Source+Closed Accounts+Hard-Hitting News. Once the runner ends up with 5 tags and 0 credits, you usually have a turn to find a way to Boom them to 2016. If the runner is annoying enough to insist that “they don’t want to get murdered” and remove the tags, then you can try scoring crap and goading them into running again, at which point a second HHN should hopefully nail them.

A lot of the time, pesky runners will run things like “tag-tech” in a meta where I’ve personally seen nothing but Asa and Jinteki glacier, but you’ll need to do something besides give up when faced with these scholars and magical girls. If the runner has something like misdirection, you’ll just have to score out the old fashioned way. It’s difficult to win in these situations, but I included Franchise City for a reason. So when you tell me “it’s impossible to win against tech, your deck sucks,” the fact is you’re probably just bad. Don’t tunnel vision yourself like a bronze Jett main, you actually need to consider that if you’re down on money but up on points, you don’t have to murder the runner. Shocking, I know. If you’re down on both you’re kind of screwed, but that’s the variance trade-off in a deck that virtually can’t get agenda flooded because it slams all of them down.

Preemptive is a hard card to use, and I’ve cut it in previous iterations. Every time I would put it back in, because the recursion enables some important lines of play. If you think it’s fine to leave both Booms in archives ‘cause you can always play that archived memories you have in hq, then go ahead, cut preemptive, then lose that game.

The only real tech card that’s really hard to beat, except its not really tech because it’s ubiquitous is Imp. Any Haarper knows how horrible it is to play against Imp. I’m just mentioning it here because I genuinely have no idea how to beat the card consistently, so I’ll leave it to y’all with a forewarning.

Leela is pretty awful to play against, but theoretically its winnable cause you can just feed 1 pointers, then stock buyback into your DIY midseasons crap.

If you play 10 games in a row with this deck and lose all of them, you’re probably just bad. It’s unlikely though, because this is by far the best iteration of Haarpshop that I’ve made, and the only one that can actually win games. You’ll fluke into a win at some point even if you somehow try to build a scoring remote. It has a pretty unique style of play, and you learn something new every game. Join me and teach the runner scum to fear Haarp once more.