Xandorius Station

Diogene 1052

Very interesting discussion with Xandorius about his new idea for a deck. This is the result of that discussion.

The goal is to cheat!

Government Takeover is not there to be scored, but for dilution. Use Disposable HQ to put it at the bottom.

You can litterally score 7 points from assets. False Flag will get you 3 points and Public Support will get you 1 point. Tech Startup will let you tutor the one you need. If you cannot put Jinja City Grid, put Expo Grid and make a buck.

Dedication Ceremony will let you fill City Work Project or False Flag. Use Preemptive Action when you've used 2 Dedication Ceremony.

Econ comes from operation (9), ices (9). Tempo and credit saving comes from Jinja City Grid.

18 ices to protects everything. You can reasonably get at least 12, which is 4 ices per server (nothing on Archives). Formicary is there to screw up the calculation of the runner.

Crisium Grid are for the centrals.

The initial idea was to use La Costa Grid. But in my test, even with all the ice support (I had 16 ices on the board), it cost too much clicks and creds to build the glacier. Jinja is better for this.

23 Nov 2020 Krams

Funny idea!

And I haven't seen Bailiff in a while :D

23 Nov 2020 Diogene

Update from the tests : -2 Afshar, +1 Formicary, +1 Slot Machine.

This deck is slow. It is a 20 turns deck.