Another Sunny Day - Top 4 at Iberian Lockdown #2

Cpt_nice 996

"We know it's Sunny, but don't go outside"

Here it is again, my tried and true Sunny list. I played it this weekend at the second Iberian Lockdown tournament, with the format being Diversified Portfolio. The deck performed nicely, going 3 - 1 in swiss, with the only loss being to an Outfit deck that sniped my Nexus with Batty and Trebuchet. It beat said Outfit in the cut in one of the most exciting games of my life, and lost to SSO.

The major changes I made are dropping Rezeki's (banned), No One Home (no HHN, so kinda useless) and only 2 Gachapons (not enough targets). Added Pad Taps and Build Scripts to stretch the influence.

Not much else to say about it that hasn't been said before. Only that I really enjoyed the tournament (you rock, Vesper!) and look forward to giving my input for number 3.