Stealth Mad Dash Loop

Sokka 556

First of all: Can you tell I’m secretly always playing shaper?

This is a deck I’ve been playing around with to decent success since the release of Uprising. It finished 3rd out of 22 in the online GNK run by @quarkbutter. The main trick of the deck is that you can use Mantle’s recurring credit to pay for triggering Q-Loop. Combine this with the stealth rig of Afterimage, Penrose, Penumbral Toolkit, Net Mercer and Mu Safecracker and now you have a strong efficient engine that most corps can’t deal with once set up.

Geist is the popular alternative to this and most people would say Geist’s main weakness is in the early game. Being Leela slows the Corp significantly, which solves this problem and allows you to take the time you need to set up before you’re ready to go. If the Corp still goes too fast, there is tons of pressure with Boomerang, Diversion of Funds, and Penrose being a double breaker.

Also, Geist relies on Tech Trader. This deck allows you to play Mad Dash which will win you many games because it works so well with Spy Cameras and Falsified Credentials.

Cute interactions and why this deck is truly enjoyable to play:

1) Oracle May works so well with Q-Loop. Even if you didn’t run, you can use Mantle to trigger Q-Loop at the end of the corp’s turn. If you don’t want to or can’t install, you can use Oracle May to draw it and gain 2 credits.

2) Oracle May interacts with Class Act in a way that’s cheeky AF. Oracle May reveals the card, you gain 2, and then you can bottom it with Class Act and draw the next card that the Corp doesn’t know about :D

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts and feedback about the deck! Enjoy!

24 Feb 2020 lilli

What are your thoughts on playing 2x Deuces Wild over the Direct Accesses?

24 Feb 2020 Cliquil


24 Feb 2020 Sokka

@lilli Deuces Wild is great! The deck used to have 3x Mantle instead of the Direct Accesses and I think that’s the most desirable way to spend that influence. I made the swap for Direct Accesses because I was losing to Earth Station. Since this deck generally likes to sit back and wait for the Corp to act I found that against an Earth Station, they would just set up a Border Control on the remote or a Bio-Vault and then put a Crisium on HQ. This made the “run the remote” game almost impossible

24 Feb 2020 lilli

Oh, that makes sense, thanks for responding!

25 Feb 2020 Agasha

Curious about the Mercur. Is a 1 of consistent enough, or good enough when you draw it, to be worth the influence? What about HART instead to recur stealth resources and events? Or, if you're still on the Mercur plan, perhaps hostage? Would that gum up the works?

25 Feb 2020 Sokka

@Agasha thanks for commenting! I think Net Mercur is definitely worth the influence. Would to 2 would definitely be ideal but the influence is super tight and I don’t want to cut any more Mantles. Cutting the Direct Assesses and the Buffer Drive for a 2nd Mercur would definitely be reasonable. Contrary to popular belief, Net Mercur is not a connection, so you can’t Hostage for it as much as that would be great. Now that I think about it, I think cutting the Direct Accesses and the Buffer Drive for a 2nd Mercur, and 2 Daily Casts would be pretty good