Almost SOCR Legal (4-0, 1st at NY GNK; 0-3, Last at NY GNK)

em-crabtree 60

Yes, this is basically a SOCR deck, and it went 4-0 in a standard event! It then went 0-3 at another standard event, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

This is a pretty unsurprising Crim build, for the most part. One pick of note is Mystic Maemi: out of Crim, this is some of the best drip in the game, and basically negates event cost. This deck makes absurd amounts of money off this; I often wind up sitting on 50+ credits in the late game.

First GNK was up against a lot of taxing decks: GameNet, Architects of Tomorrow and 2 CtMs. Exercising some patience and keeping the econ going earned me victories against all.

Second GNK was up against Saraswati, Mirrormorph and Builder of Nations. I exercised little patience and am also garbage at dealing with chip damage a la BoN. RIP