2014 Colorado Regional - 1st & 5th Place Corp

ColoradoNetrunner 3053

This was the Corp deck piloted by Steven Wooley and Tim Bunn at the Colorado Regional. Steven went 7-1 with it and finished 1st in Swiss and 1st in the double-elimination bracket. Tim went 5-3 with it, finishing 2nd in Swiss and 5th in the double-elimination bracket.

21 May 2014 skaterforsale

Any stats on how many of those wins were flatlines between the two?

21 May 2014 CrimsonWraith

Most of their wins were flatlines. I believe 4-5 for Tim and 5-6 for Steven. NBN Scorch has never taken off in our meta and I think it took a lot of local players by surprise. Steven's only loss was to Jason, who came out of the gate and installed Plascrete on turn one.

22 May 2014 skaterforsale

Same here, locally Scorch NBN has never really been played but everyone knew of it's existence. I think the way this deck shines is in it's alternate win conditions (old school fast advancing and scorching) which can only get better with slight mods.

28 May 2014 Narziss

So you just click for credits? (beside Hedge and Pop-up, I don't see any econ)

29 May 2014 Plastica

@Narziss also 3 sweeps week. In an Andromeda heavy meta those are more than enough to keep your econ going, for Traces you already have the 2 recurring creds from MN.