The Spoils of War (1st - Manchester GNK)

HiddenAway 595

Full credit for this build should go to Andy (same old things on Slack). This is a simple glacial style build designed to tax the runner through Gold Farmer, Slot Machine and Surveyor. Scarcity of Resources can blow out a game really early on, especially as the runner will only be able to steal SSL Endorsement's without any tricks or 5 credits to steal Bellona. Daily Quest can help boost your economy assuming you have a fully rezzed remote. However, my last minute choice to add a 3rd Daily Quest did not feel like the right choice as Azmari along with SSL gives a lot of credits already. A Digital Rights Management will probably work better.

Bellona saved me on match point in my final game against Val as Craig ended 2 credits short of the 5 needed, despite trashing 2 Border Controls with Hippos (Surveyor and IP Block was just about costly enough). This deck went 3-0 in the Manchester GNK, beating Leela, Hoshiko and Valencia.

NOTE: Using 2 Hippos in a single turn is not legal - luckily it didn't have any bearing on the result as it happened on that last turn where Craig couldn't steal Bellona.