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An Ordinary Hacker Girl 753

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

20 Oct 2019 Cliquil

I really like the Reclaims here; presumably backup breakers in some match ups and Logic Bombs in others? Is your Obokata/City Works answer basically to just have a big hand size?

20 Oct 2019 An Ordinary Hacker Girl

@Cliquil Reclaim: in the day and age where SDS is everywhere you need recursion or redundancy in breakers else you can easily get locked out if they score one. 4 pips for 2 recursion cards are cheaper than 5 to replicate the breaker suite. Clonechip had merits too in its synergy with stim and emergent. But I find clone dead in a lot of match ups where SDS isn't a factor. Reclaim can always become logic bomb 4 and 5.

Obokata and city works: yeah your big hand. I had to steal 2 obo to win Vs rp yesterday (2 obo and fte). Safety first and ERH let you draw back up quickly. City works followed by punitive I could see being a problem. Especially if you haven't stole anything before. Vs that I guess ls just get rich or leave the city works. The Fbf could become whistleblower too if need be.