Madam I'm TugtetguT (4th Derby Regional)

Algebraic 574

I returned to the UK to play in my first and last Regional with MWL 3.3 so I decided to take my good stuff, panic Adam deck. I had seen Tugtetgut playing something similar online and, after watching a few games, decided it wasn't too bad in the current meta especially with the extra points, Mad Dash and "Freedom Through Equality" and lots of 3 point agendas. The deck runs plenty of money and can play a waiting game against asset spam decks to pick off the agendas with Find The Truth.

Tech cards on the day were Political Operative and Feedback Filter; the former to deal with Zealous Judge if you also need to Emergent Creativity, Misdirection on a turn plus other side benefits. The latter is just handy in Swiss and again can be fetched with Emergent Creativity.

I can't see this affected in the new MWL that apparently has just gone live as I type this.

10 Sep 2019 zegrid

Unfortunately one of Mad Dash and Engolo has to go. :(

10 Sep 2019 TugtetguT

Sweet deck name ;-)

17 Sep 2019 r00t.EXE

Been trying this out with -1x Engolo +1x Gordian Blade and -1x Feedback Filter +1x Reclaim putting it in order for 3.4. Being able to recur an icebreaker or Logic Bomb is no small thing.