Pilot Season (2nd Lanark Regional)

Angedelo 1326

Built this Hayley to be able to compete vs gagarin but still have game vs glacier/punitive decks like blue sun and it went 3-1-1 playing vs only gagarin and blue sun so at least I had the right idea going into the tournament.

Controlled gagarin to a 0-0 draw in round one, then beat blue sun, another gagarin then ID'd into the cut and went 1-1 vs gagarin.

3x paricia and no-one home keep you alive vs gagarin but if they draw the nuts you still lose. Takobi and film critic lets you contest blue sun remotes without getting blown up in retaliation, and stargate is pretty sweet generally.

This deck is pretty fun and yeah sure the aesop versions are probably better, but I get to use spec work which is a cool card and the art is amazing (hat tip to krembler). Deck is tuned for the meta but if I didn't have to have tech I'd love a 3rd scavenge for more cache recursion nonsense and would love a freedom through equality to make stargate more potent.

4 Sep 2019 shanodin

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