Man in the Mirror - 4th @ Reading Regional 2019

rusefus 446

No clicks for you!

This is a work of labour to improve my Euros Mirrormorph -

The first big change is the move away from Jinja + Surveyor, opting instead for more slots focused on MCA and recursion. This is an odd move but I just felt that Jinja strategy requires a lot of support cards like Red Level, VLC, Rashida and Surveyor, and I wanted to simply focus on playing MCA and recurring it.

The 2nd big change is the include of Punitive kill and Ash as an extra layer of tax on the runner to help with fight against remote lock. Quite often in testing I found if the remote couldn't effectively lock out the runner, you would fizzle out of juice by the late game. And even with taxing remotes, runners like MaxX could Stimhack into the remote so many times it would make MCA pretty meaningless. However, once you get them to this point it makes Punitive and Ash a really nice late game finisher, in some cases winning you games you had no business winning. Twice yesterday I went 0-6 down only for Punitive to bring me back from the verge of defeat.

The final small but significant change is the include of ELP, Boot Camp, Attitude Adjustment and changing Restore to Archived Mem. Adding a current is a real bonus with """Grant""" about and ELP works well with the click loss from MCA. Boot Camp is an odd include but a nice way of fetching the first MCA to get the ball rolling, and useful in edge cases like rezzing ICE vs Apoc decks and Leela. Attitude Adjustment is an attempt to control the agenda flow of the deck, as flooding before the Punitive threat is online is a big problem and it proved useful in all the games I saw it. And Archived Mem has been a huge improvement on Restore from the last deck, not only used for MCA recursion, but also allowing the Punitive threat come online faster and very useful for recurring either ELP or Attitude Adjustment.

Facing 2 Freedoms, 2 MaxX's and a Wu, this deck went undefeated in Swiss, killing 4 out of 5 opponents, and then unfortunately losing twice in the cut. First against Steff's Jesminder, where Film Critic denied the Punitive win con and because of an error I made in rushing too quickly instead of shuffling agendas away. And finally in a very close stream game vs Alex White's Leela where it came down to the final run on R&D.

A huge thanks to Johno for organising a very well run tournament, moving along swiss so fast I had to finish my lunch after round 4 because my rounds kept going to time. He is truly a great asset to the community! And a huge thanks to all my opponents and everyone who comes out to make the Reading, it really is a highlight of the Netrunner season!

Hope to see as many of you as possible at the London Regional on July 20th -