Khusyuk Patchwork "I pick 4" Hayley. 3-1 at Delaware SC

saetzero 2321

Fun deck. I miss indexing, but this is still reasonable to make up for it. You want patchwork asap lol.

27 Apr 2019 Mr_Console

Uh......where is memes in write up???? :)

28 Apr 2019 Shishu

I want to say there should be something to fill that last influence but I have no idea what you would cut except for second SoT and even that's pushing it.

29 Apr 2019 Conduit23

I find myself wanting Earthrise for more draw and another 4 cost but no idea what I'd cut.

29 Apr 2019 Qris

What do you Patchwork aside from 2 extra Patchworks and 2 extra Artists?

30 Apr 2019 DoomRat

Have you tried Pelangi in this? Breaking Anansi and Surveyor with Lady is kind of great.

2 May 2019 saetzero

@Mr_Console - Sorry no memes. Didnt do well enough for memes. lol

@Shishu I had the same issue. A economy event for a Peace in our time was my best idea, but I didnt want to give corp money in this meta. Stimhack seems fine too. But it would probably be a Spec work to cut for it.

@Conduit23Earthrise being 4 isnt really relevant, since it isnt permanent on the board. You got enough draw as is. Earthrise would make you wanna change out of Spec Work and Cache i think.

@Qris Literally whatever card I see in my hand that isn't immediately helping. I have probably patchworked every single card. Even the breakers (to get them in the heap so you can CC them in).

@DoomRat Seemed like a cool idea, but didnt have time to test it. I think that is a very different deck, but a cool one!