Make Terminals Terminal Again!

hnautsch 80

As of the publishing of this deck, the ruling is that you can use the extra action from MirrorMorph even after playing a terminal. This gives us a way to play a Boom! after tagging the runner with Hard-Hitting News. To pull this off you need either a scored Efficiency Committe or a fully loaded MCA Austerity Policy, a sufficiently large money lead over the runner, the runner having made a run on their last turn, a Mumbad City Hall in your hand or on the table, either a HHN or a Consulting Visit in hand and a Consulting Visit and a Boom! in R&D (lots of moving parts as you can see).

EffComm variant: Click 1: Use EffComm (4 clicks left). Click 2: Install and rez MCH (3 clicks left). Click 3: Play HHN and tag the runner (2 clicks left). This triggers MM. Use the extra action to use MCH to play Consulting Visit (paying one of your extra clicks as an additional cost) and the Consulting Visit to play Boom!, using the remaining extra click to pay the additional cost.

The MCAAP variant is basically the same, just change click 1 to use MCAAP to gain clicks. In this version you have clicks to spare, so you can also play HHN from R&D using Consulting Visit.

If you have a MCH on the table, you can also do the combo from an MCAAP with two counters on it, just remember to rez MCH before you go off: Click 1 use MCAAP to put a counter on it, click 2 use MCAAP to gain clicks, click 3 play HHN. MM triggers -> use MCH.

Is this really a solid deck idea? Well, maybe not. It requires a lots of cards to be in the right place and a solid money lead over the runner (7 or 9 credits more, depending on what combo version you use). You can save 2 credits if you use High-Profile Target instead of Boom!, but then you can only fit one HPT in your deck, which makes it awkward if you draw it. One other advantage to HPT over Boom! is that it's not a double operation, so you can always play HHN with CV if needed. Also HPT is not trashable normally.

Things that make this deck sad: EmpStrike. Meat damage protection. No One Home. Runner having a lot of money, which is unfortunately pretty common these days.

A final downside to the deck is of course that the NISEI rules team might decide to make Terminals Terminal again to stop this nonsense.

25 Mar 2019 postinternetsyndrome

If you're so fast that you can perform an action fast than a terminal can end the turn, you have reached terminal velocity.

26 Mar 2019 CryOfFrustration

@postinternetsyndrome oooooh snap!