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This is what I've been playing lately. It's one of many in a long line of yellow kill dex I've been playing over the past year. This is a redux of a version I played after Worlds 2017, inspired by an idea from @scd, to put BEA into NEH. It is quite the fun use of influence, creating a must-kill (in the Runner's mind) tempo target that will open up many pressure points due to ARES, HHN, etc. Once again, Lady Liberty shines as both an agenda hiding device, an ARES FA machine, and/or a curve-out/swerve-out win con.

See a few plays here: (sorry there's no music; haven't streamed in a while and thought I was playing music out)

14 Oct 2018 ayyyliens

Yes, I have been waiting for this!

14 Oct 2018 Saan

This right here is what makes Netrunner a great game. We are only yet beginning to plumb the ways with which to murder unsuspecting runners. I'm glad men like you are at the forefront of this courageous frontier.