Australian Adam - Australian Nationals 2018 Winner

frankbsad 784

Basically the same deck I took to 28th at worlds.

49 players, only dropped one game (3-1 + ID in Swiss, 3-0 in the cut)


15 Oct 2018 MichiganMaster

How much work did Watch the World Burn do? Would it rather be another Aumakua or was it fairly useful for asset spam?

15 Oct 2018 frankbsad

@MichiganMaster Watch the world burn was in the because I thought it would help in the CTM match up but ended up being useless. Swap it for another turtle of you want, I think I would have preferred another career fair on the day.

15 Oct 2018 JohnnyMilton

How much work did Corporate Defector do?

16 Oct 2018 rojazu

@JohnnyMilton Knowledge is Power

18 Oct 2018 hornedrat

What is your main use for Emergent Creativity?

18 Oct 2018 rojazu

Been testing this deck recently - ive found it to be a key card in the deck. On the one hand its a tutor, yes but also Adam doesn't want to be overdrawing generally as wants to trigger safety first every turn - so its also a way of clearing dead cards from hand (paperclip, redundant chips/keys).

The first tutor in the early game is Engolo as it allows you to get past any ice, or sometimes a turn 1 RNG Key if Rnd is open especially if you have a dirty laundry in hand. Bonus points if you can use paperclip to fund Engolo. Tutoring for Misdirection if required. In the late game, use dead brain chips to tutor up threaders or whatever breaker is missing.

19 Oct 2018 frankbsad

@hornedrats, I couldn't explain it better than @rojazudid

22 Oct 2018 Basoon

Starting directives are Find the Truth, Safety First, and Neutralize All Threats, correct?

22 Oct 2018 frankbsad

@Basoon yeah, always. The downside on ABR is too bad.

14 Nov 2018 xWZRDx

@frankbsad You said you usually get Engolo first, and that you've rarely needed Ika. Were you not playing against many sentries or were you getting the turtle at some point to supplement. If the later, do you tutor for the turtle second usually or just see if it comes up naturally?