Dying for the City

knails 492

"Dying for the City"

A runner is born in a hard time New Angeles

Surrounded by Blockchains that ain't so pretty

Data loops take their cards and money

To keep them low and moving in the right direction

Discarding just enough, just enough for the City

4 Sep 2018 Athenor

@knails This seems extremely fun. Back in the day, I used to play a transaction heavy Weyland that didn't do much punishing, but this seems the opposite. I'm kind of looking for inspiration for Worlds (as time grows tighter).

Why the lack of assets altogether? Is it to fit in all the transactions possible? I'm a huge fan of Snare and Grndl Refinery as bluffs, maybe with cerebral overwriter in there. Would those be possible substitutions?

6 Sep 2018 knails

Basically more assets more better. Finding room for rashida is probably a good idea

8 Sep 2018 knails

@AthenorJust reread my old comment, more transaction more better*