mobstermodernism (3rd, Louisville Regional)

stoppableforce 575

Round 1: Bye
Round 2: Loss (CV MaxX, piloted by @x3r0h0ur)
Round 3: Win (Countersurveillance Liza)
Round 4: Loss (Nexus Reina)
Round 5: Win (goodstuff Wu)
Cut round 1: Win (goodstuff Val, piloted by @josh01)
Loser's bracket finals: Loss (goodstuff Val, @josh01's revenge)

Cons of being The Outfit:

  • Bad pub eventually makes your ice pointless if you do stuff like Stinson your Too Big To Fails - especially Surveyor, Weyland's best ice right now.
  • You have less ability to directly interact the runner's economy since there is no punishment for stealing your agendas.

Pros of being The Outfit:

  • The economic recovery potential of The Outfit is stupid. Scoring a Hostile at 2 takes you to 10. TBTF gets you +10 credits from 0-9 credits. Barring a completely shit draw, you're going to get out front on econ and stay there most of the game.
  • You've still got good green cards in faction, like Economic Warfare, High-Profile Target, Project Atlas, and Surveyor.
  • You can call your deck 'Mobstermodernism'. (Alternate title: Olive Garden. Why? Because when you're here, you're family.)

If I were taking this somewhere, I'd probably look at some of the Argus variants that are coming out for tips to improve - @aunthemod's inclusion of Reversed Accounts in Liberal Gulag for more econ impact and more jamming potential is inspired, and @AndytheLovell's discussion of swapping HHN for Raven in his Surveyor Argus because of how often HHN ends up in the garbage from CV is also a plus.

23 Jul 2018 Ajar

Congrats on the finish! Deck looks like a lot of fun. :D