Omar has Zer0 time for caution

Severijn 516

Variation on an earlier Omar deck that I built. The plan is to create a very consistent and fast set-up that puts pressure on central servers.

The economy is magnum opus and some credits during the run via datasucker, mining accident and stimhack. The plan is to get the set-up of Maw, Bhagat and Turning wheel and pressure HQ & Archives. You also run R&D when you have enough counters on Turning Wheel. If the corp can't keep you out of HQ (either on HQ or on Archives with Omar), then you put a great deal of pressure on them which can snowball to a glory run on archives, preferably with mad dash.

The new kid on the block is Zer0, and we don't mind its drawback. The deck is a Paige Piper build which has plenty of redundancy in it to start with.

This time, I opted to go with Mining accident instead of D4vid and am still on the fence which is better for this deck. Mining accident is easy to pull off, but corps could just have the money to pay for it, but it is nice versus asset spam, but so is the main strategy.

I imported Sunny's sentry breaker because I need ways to break big sentries and it does that pretty well, especially when you can fuel it with datasucker. On the other hand, Mongoose is cheaper to install and is also reasonable if you have a datasucker installed for the big sentries. I'm not certain which will be better.

Other considerations: Maxwell James looks nice as a tool to contest remotes since getting HQ access is easy. I could see splashing him instead of the killer.

Some final play advice: There is a cool interaction between Paige Piper and Frantic Coding. I rarely advise on using that interaction, but don't forget it exists if you see your last copies of one of the key cards hitting the bin otherwise.

Let me know what you think, as well as which modifications you would consider for this deck.