Duck, Duck, Goose! 2nd Victoria BC Store Champs

Midseasonpsycho 157

This deck took me to second place at the store Champs in Victoria, Vancouver Island. It was only beaten by Skorpios which will always be a bad matchup. I had to play the same Skorpios deck 3 times on the day and beat it the second time with only 3 cards left in the deck and most breakers gone I trashed, trashed, drew and the last card was Aumakua allowing me back in for the win! Hence the deck name.

Nothing too original Data folding was great, I cut all draw except inject and had no issues except when I rebirthed it slowed me down but still not an issue. Skorpios will always be an issue so wouldn’t add anything to change this!

Was a great day and very close games. My Coup was lpoulter’s brain melt CI.

12 Jan 2018 djkokakola

Love the deck! Was there anything that underperformed on the day? Did you usually go for the DDM early, or was it more of a "whenever I can" play?

12 Jan 2018 Midseasonpsycho

@djkokakola thank you! No not really, mining accident Is the only thing that comes to mind but when it lands it is really good!

Yeah use DDM early as the longer the game the more breakers you have so the less cards you see!

People have asked why 2 levy and for me its so I dont have to always use SOT on it they can be used for more accesses! I would hardly ever levy twice! Sometimes not even once!