kevintame 421

This basically is a StimShop deck with a few extra pieces that make it fun to play. The StimShop plan is to put stuff on Personal Workshop and use Stimhack to install stuff. With this deck your breaker of choice is Yog.0 with Dedicated Processor. You then want to Host Egret on Personal Workshop and when you make runs you can install Egret on ice you want to become code gates. This makes getting into a specific server very cheap. I often focus on RD with Medium and then ping HQ with The Gauntlet installed.

It's not a perfect deck but it's a lot of fun. Happy Birding!

21 Jul 2017 internet_potato

FYI you can tell this is a Great Egret (as opposed to the similar Snowy Egret) because of the black feet. A Snowy has distinctive yellow slippers.

Always Be Birding.