Walker: Tech Lord Ranger

CodeMarvelous 19787

Pictured: The look of defeat on the corp's face when I Crescentus an ice I made money breaking while siphoning a Temujined HQ

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This happened twice at meetup and also on STREAM this morning

The idea with today's stream was to revisit Geist now that he has gotten new support cards in the form of Maxwell James and Dean Lister. Both of these cards directly synergize with his ability.

Maxwell James gives LINK and helps deal with big ice on remotes.

Dean Lister is an all star. It helps deal with Geist's biggest weakness, not being at the right strength at the right time with the B&E breakers. Breaking a Chiyashi with a Spike and making 6 credits for doing so feels incredible. Derezzing it for a gain of 3 afterwards feels even better.

18 Jul 2017 scd

This was really fun to watch. For the first time, it's a Geist deck I feel like sleeving and trying out. Thanks, Dan.

18 Jul 2017 CodeMarvelous

@scd thanks for watching!