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Arrias117 8

My first corp deck after expanding out of the core set. Posting mainly for a friend who wanted the list. Any pointers by people who feel like it are still appreciated.

8 Jun 2017 Joseki

Hey there @Arrias117! Glad you decided to expand out of the coreset, netrunner can be really incredible! :D

I like what you're going for here (Constellation Protocol is a really cool card) and there are some other Weyland cards that can contribute to advanceable ice + kill the runner strategies.

Anson Rose (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/card/11096) can offer a similar benefit, letting you advance up your Orions and whatnot very easily.

If you've gotten the Terminal Directive box (highly recommend it for playing with a friend, the campaign is really fun) definitely check out the Weyland ice in that box, most of it is advance-able. IPO is another great card from that box, giving you even more money. =)

Last tip for you is to think about fitting a 3rd scorch in here somewhere. IIRC the coreset only comes with 2, so that might be the reason you have 2! =P

Good luck learning the game and making sweet weyland decks!

8 Jun 2017 Murphy

Sweet deck! SanSan City Grid is a very powerful cards and will force the runner to trash it which could play right into your SEA Source + Scorched Earth combo.

One suggestion: I'd recommend going up to 49 cards in the deck.

The reason for this is to improve your agenda density. One of the problems every Corp player eventually encounters is what we refer to as Agenda Flood. This is when you keep drawing agendas and can't find the ice and money cards to defend them. Adding another couple non-agenda cards will naturally help defend against that problem. You can go up to 49 cards before you need to add 2 more agenda points to the deck.

And if you have the Opening Moves pack, I'd consider spending some influence on my favorite toy maker Jackson Howard.

Have fun!

9 Jun 2017 salkidu

Anson Rose does not work with space ice