Life and Death - Test

DrunkAlex 328

Initial test idea for a new FA with Jinteki. Harmony Medtech will put a lot more pressure on the game with only 1 point less to score. While the runner gets reckless I actually hope to kill him.


Fetal and NAPD are more for taxing the runner. If I manage to score one, great, if not, too bad, but the runner will be poorer for it. Medical breakthrough is awesome to give a snowball effect to scoring. Together with SanSan, this card will work almost the same as astroscript, only without the tokens. Philotic Entanglement will probably become staple for Jinteki. It's easy to advance and really bad news for the runner in the late game.

Assets: Really simple. Private contracts for econ. Rest is to kill the runner. Muschin No Shin + Ronin will be a great 1-2 punch. Install Ronin, play Mushin, let the worry and maybe run it, if not advance to 4 and let it sit there like a stalking tiger. Junebug is cool, but I don't think it will last long in this deck. 3x Snare, because it's Snare.

Upgrades: This deck is quite upgrade heavy. SanSan is key. It will make the deck really roll.

Operations: I've already explained Mushin No Shin. Neural EMP doesn't need explanation. Celebrity gift is for econ.

ICE: This is the part I'm worried most about. It will probably need the most work as well. Chum+Data mine is a fun surprise which many people don't really expect anymore (at least in my meta). Tollbooth, because few things tax as good as tollbooth. Himatsu, because of its flexibility. Neural and Tsurugi is great taxing ICE.

Final thought: I think this deck needs 2 things: Better econ and fine tuning in ICE. Maybe try to fit in a few Hedge Funds or Medical Fundraisers. Once I get H&P in my hands I'll give this deck a drive and post a definitive deck.