mcg 744 influence seemed to go on all day
Now it looks like I’ll have to find another way
I should have played this yesterday

Suddenly it’s not half the deck it used to be
Universal influence has come in painfully
This deck won’t work so suddenly

Why run Blackmail? I don’t know, I couldn’t say
It felt right but was so wrong, now I long for yesterday

Yesterday I could ParaSifr ice all day
Now I need cutlery to make them go away
I wish it was still yesterday

Why does Rumor Mill have to go? I don’t know, I couldn’t say
I loved that it was wrong, how I long for yesteday

Yesterday Netrunner was such an easy game to play
Now I can’t even afford Temmy J
I'll have to believe in Oracle May?!

14 Apr 2017 buzard

Well played.

14 Apr 2017 Cyberzack

seems like your going for that round 1 disqualification plan... It's a bold play cotton, a bold play but it just might work.

14 Apr 2017 ryanbantwins

Best deck description ever!

14 Apr 2017 Sir Apple

tips hat Well played.

14 Apr 2017 MrHuds0n