Navelgazer 84

Happy New Year. It's time to get Wet & Wild and Zig where others might Zag. Are you Ready?

The main thing, I guess, if I had to say the idea behind this deck, is man just keep em' guessin'. You know? Just keep 'em guessin'.

The ID's gonna get you some of your money back, the Hyoubu's gonna get you even more money back, and the Yamamori's gonna give you some sweet sweet meat damage for your trouble, so just get out there and keep 'em guessing and be a good good Psi Game Boy already, you know?

And the snakes, I think, just really help sell the whole thing.

Now get out there and keep 'em guessing, you cool babies.

8 Jan 2017 sproutella

This looks like some top zagging. I think battys would really put the zig to them, especially with ark lockdowns.

Someone should send Griffin a netrunner core set, I'd bet he'd love the game.

9 Jan 2017 Navelgazer

Right? Maybe it wouldn't replace Pokémon in his heart of hearts but I'd like to hear him go on a rant about SIFR or something AT LEAST.

13 Jan 2017 wedgeex

Looks like it might have some trouble with Atman but looks solid otherwise. I'd run 3x Mind Game. That card is bonkers.