Sleepy Ristie

DrunkAlex 328

Got the new Double Time pack only today, so this deck still has to be playtested.

This deck makes money. Big time. 3x Lucky Find, 3x Power Nap, 3x Starlight is the money maker here. With Chaos Theory you are bound to have these cards in your hand. Otherwise mulligen or Quality Time. With Caprice, Hive, tsurugi, Shinobi, NAPD contract etc etc Stuff is getting expensive to run and you always need back up cash.

The Doubles will make the money, use Aesops to sell Starlight and continue as normal. Magnus is in the deck as backup money maker, same with Sure Gamble.

As for the breakers. This deck contains the most efficient breakers in the game. Test Run and Scavenge will install them cheap. I only took 2x Scavenge to keep it at 40 cards (probably have enough money to to pay for the last one anyway). The Personal Touch and Datasucker are there to support Morning Star. Most of the time it won't need it, but it will be nice for that one instance you come across Wotan, Hadrian or Heimdall.

With only a few spaces left I chose to make this deck a light version of R&D dig. The Interface keeps it reliable and an indexing for flavour.

3 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

I feel like you want eureka with power nap and test run in the deck already. You can use either scavenge or eureka to get them in cheap. I'd just wish for more scavenge targets.

3 Apr 2014 DrunkAlex

True, Eureka is actually a better alternative than scavenge in this deck. I was probably going to try it out anyway as my previous deck had a eureka-motivation. I'll probably just skip indexing as well and add another R&D interface/eureka and a sure gamble.

4 Apr 2014 Pea666

How about Dinosaurus instead of Personal Touches? Does the same thing and Scavenge can be used to move a previously installed breaker onto Dino. Works nicely with Test Run as well like you said. Not sure about the one-offs for Aesop and Magnum though. That single Aesop's is pretty essential to get that click back so I wouldn't want to wait too long for it.

I'll lend you mine if that helps. ;)