Breakerbuster Weyland final

x3r0h0ur 8704

This is a final draft of the deck I had been playing for 2 months. In this final version I've added PGO to kill plascretes, since plascrete really put a stop to the punitive plan, with just 1 plascrete the runner can steal a 3 pointer and keep their grip full and be totally safe (without the cleaners).

The idea was to break off whatever breaker you can with grim and archer troubleshooted. I've switched grims for roto turrets in this version, added ash and removed blue level. Blue level was fantastic in the deck for finding combo pieces, but I didn't need the money, and it would sometimes overdraw agendas (with 3 pointers its bad).

I use the big agendas to capitalize on scoring windows, you need only score 2 agendas out of the remotes.

Punitive works very well, esp if the runner makes a double or triple R&D dig and scores 6 or 4 points. With less draw I'm not sure how effective it'll be (BLC really helped find these moving parts), but I think it'll still be fine as is.

Agg Sec blows away breakers very well (at the Indy store champs I killed at least 10 programs, including every last breaker 1 criminal player had). Once you've scored a 3 pointer, aggsec does work.

Hive is a decent add for early protection, since you're not scoring many points before the game ends.

The big piles of cash also scare the runner with the looming threat of sea source scorch, so there is minor bluff factor in that.

I've given up on this for the time being so I thought I'd share it out. The previous iteration had 3 BLC and 0 ash, and 2 grim and 0 rototurret. Also 0 PGO.

2 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

You could remove PGO and PC for 3 restructure and 2 more ice, like caduceus or something.

2 Apr 2014 internetbully

How do you feel about Project Atlas?

2 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

Its fine, but loses luster without needing to find SS or the rest of your SEs. The best application for it would be to use it to tutor up the game winning 2 hostile takeovers at the beginning of your turn.

This deck plays totally differently though, you have to push through as many points as possible in the windows created by destroying programs, so having big agendas to do it is key. You have to be able to rush to game end before the runner has both the breakers and the money to get in. This aims to rez big ice, then boost them to a point where the runner can't afford to pass them.

2 Apr 2014 thrazznos

Rock on dude, definitely gonna give this a try!

2 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

The real blast is when you have punitive in hand, the runner doesn't appear to have plascretes, you throw it down and advance it twice, knowing if they take it, you're going to blow them up, if they don't take it, you get to 6 points and win on hostile takeover.

2 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

*3 punitive, and a cleaners in hand sorry

3 Apr 2014 spags

Very nice. I've been playing variants of a Weyland Destroyer deck for a few months, as well. I like the idea of a low Agenda count. AggSec is a wrecker, as I still see very little look cards.

Like the Datapikes? I would think they could be Caduceus.

3 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

I wanted enough ETR ice of each type to ensure if a breaker was killed, and it was their code gate, that I could ensure a score behind it. Caduceus doesn't fit that plan.

Also, with the bad pub this deck had at one point (3 hostile 2 grim), trace ice is blanked. It is also a liability against linked runners. Face planting into either datapike or enigma early is bad, especially when datapike precludes you from playing sure gamble or something at 5 cost if you didn't first.

It works with the deck's overall plan of high credit disparity with the runner, I almost did 3 datapike and 1 enigma. Yes caduceus gives you protection sometimes for free, but drawing it late is blank, hard ETR code gates can apply any time if you score a breaker kill. Also, I would not bother with quandary, as small ice don't matter, this deck makes enough money, you should pay the 2-3 extra and take something away from the runner's development.

20 Jul 2014 Exo

Why Bastion over Static Wall? Seems for me that if you're aiming at destroying all his icebreakers, you better take the cheap version. I know it won't make a big difference much but I was wondering.