Psycho Gods

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This is my attempt at a Custom Biotics deck. It works kinda like the Flytrap, in that it attempts to keep you tagged and locked by PSF, but it has a bunch of extra advantages.

One is that it can really steal the game under Tag-Me runners, by running and recursing psychographics. One combo is to simply use Efficiency Committee, Psychographics and Archived memories to score two agendas out of hand in one turn.

Another is, in case the runner has accumulated a decent number of tags, is to psychographics a Project Ares. It might make you poor, but if you hit the runner with a 9 counter Ares, when they don't expect it, it might give you precious time to rebuild or time to score PSF.

PSF + Efficiency Committee is also a nice combo. If you have those two scored and the runner is tagged, it's an instant kill unless they have meat damage protection. And even if they run caparace, you can just chip at it until it's gone, and flatline them the next round.

This deck in action:
2 Nov 2013 Alsciende

Brilliant. I would probably try it with -2 False Lead, -1 Project Ares, +2 Project Vitruvius, +1 Enigma. Psycho on Vitruvius can be awesome too.

2 Nov 2013 db0

MMmm, yes the idea does have merit. I'll make a variant out and try out as I haven't been very impressed by the False Leads anyway (even though they've helped a bit now and then)

3 Nov 2013 ttsgosadow

I played the deck with Alsciende's suggestions. Love it! There's enough ICE to make it hard for Gabe, and then when the tags accumulated, it was Archived Psycho's into Efficiency Committee + PSF. I call it the chain gun finishing ^^

4 Nov 2013 Sydtrack

Psycho on Vitruvius can recur itself! Like: Install Vitruvius, Psycho for 5. Score. Install Agenda, retrieve Psycho, score. Install Agenda, retrieve Psycho, score.

4 Nov 2013 Sydtrack

Is there any place for ChiLo City Grid in this deck?

5 Nov 2013 db0

You'd have to put more during-run-traces, like Caduceus and Bernice Mai to make it worth it. And then you'd have to succeed those. I'm already hard pressed to make it work with just 2 slots for tagging so it'd be very hard.

However an alternate format I was thinking of would be to replace the midseasons with SEA source, and add big brother instead because you can pull the trace off more easily (after they trash your assets) and you can then keep recurring the big brothers. That is a longer card combo though and the deck is already tight.