Guiding Light v1.0

Dijirati 52

End the run early with inexpensive ice as you lightly advance Ice Walls and Shadows while diging with GLC and Jackson for the cards you need. Using MSN on Snare and/or Junebug you create sources to be later used with Trick of Light. As the abilities of these two cards trigger upon access and the fact that few cards render them near or wholly ineffective (i.e. Deus, Exploratory Romp, Singularity, Feedback Filter) you present the runner with a difficult choice - run and suffer the damage to prevent the future Trick of Light, or let the card be. In either case the corp is pleased as long as the Ice Walls and Shadows remain twice advanced.

I believe as MSN becomes commonplace most runners will assume that MSN will be played in conjunction with an ambush of some kind. They would be correct. However, if occasionally played on Medical Breakthrough - the agenda then if stolen or allowed to be scored by the corp greatly accelerates the game in favor of the corp as all other Breakthroughs are now as cheap or cheaper to score than Braintrust - all of which can be Trick of lighted from hand to score in a game where only six points are needed to clinch victory. Card draw in this build allows you get what you need to score and bring the game up to match point quickly without giving the runner too much time to setup. The agenda Future Prefect is used here as a safety net of sorts. As long as it remains uninstalled you have an opportunity to prevent a steal from happening. (best to keep those agendas in hand with a snare or two or archives with Shinobi in waiting)

For ice I chose very cheap ETR pieces alongside Shadow for the advancing capabilties, money, and tags outside of Snare to punish resource economy and further, Shinobi to punish a careless runner eager to score as quickly as possible.

Note: I'm a huge fan of Caprice and if she was to go in I would certainly replace Yagura.

Think there is any promise in this thing?


30 Mar 2014 MisterLovejoy

I'm not saying this is a real threat at this point. But isn't this an actual reason to use Exploratory Romp for the runner?

30 Mar 2014 Dijirati

I would say so! I don't think Ex. Romp will ever be played widely by a majority but it certainly is an answer for decks like this.