Kate - 1st place cleveland regionals

bblum 4243

4-0 on the day. Matchups against EOI sync, foodcoats, NEH, and palana.

The main lesson from today is that skipping 3 rounds of swiss (bye, sweep, sweep, ID, ID) is OP as hell.

Apart from that, there are some updates to discuss. FTE is super great with indexing support, way better than notoriety (imagine, instead of spending your whole turn on useless runs, you also get to steal another agenda instead?). I also put a QT on calimsha's suggestion (replacing jdeng's councilman) and it was super at fixing any early-midgame sluggishness. Finally, TTW is kind of a downgrade compared to legwork, but it seemed like it would be better vs MoH decks (which I didn't face), and it also gives you back a deck slot by enabling -1 SMC -1 scavenge +1 lady.

TLDR: FTE is a 100% definite auto include in any deck with indexing; QT comes highly recommended; TTW vs legwork is kind of a toss up.

Corp deck: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/35633/ci-won-a-regional-cleveland-

DOTW edit: Since last saturday, I cut the RDI (I found myself always discarding it as TTW does double duty) for a 2nd laundry (for early game consistency), and cut the 2nd plascrete (which was a special tech card for the cleveland meta in particular) for a councilman. I brought those changes to Origins this week and made 4th place.

And finally, I know how tempting it is to suggest your own pet cards to put in the deck, but remember you have to cut a card to add a card. If you try the deck card-for-card first, I'm much more likely to believe you when you say something can be cut!

12 Jun 2016 basic.channel

super super solid. really maximises indexing in an efficient way.

12 Jun 2016 bluebird503

congrats Ben, i love shaper so good to see Kate take down another regional in the hands of a good pilot

13 Jun 2016 Saan

45 cards; still fits two (TWO!) plascretes in. Love it =)

13 Jun 2016 bblum

I actually didn't need either one all day, but ever since last year I always bring 2 whenever I play in ohio. You can play 1 in most metas; a councilman or 2nd laundry would be my next add (calimsha might add a net-ready eyes instead).

13 Jun 2016 Calimsha

Calimsha would play 2 Laundry, 1 Plas, 1 NRE and goes 46. But Calimsha is a moron who don't understand deckbuilding and !ratio anyway so don't listen to him.

13 Jun 2016 bblum

46 in a proco deck though...

13 Jun 2016 Calimsha

That's the joke @bblum

13 Jun 2016 crfluency

so 3indexing 1RDI vs 2indexing 2RDI, any significant reason to do one over another ?

13 Jun 2016 bblum

More combo with FTE and also theoretically (I suspect, haven't tested enough) better against museum decks.

13 Jun 2016 CallMeDutch

I've seen people go for Artist Colony as Plascrete tutor over slotting a second copy for its utility in other cases. Any matchups you needed the double Plas for consistency or do you not really value the Artist Colony?

13 Jun 2016 bblum

I used to play Colony but it was only really worth it when news team was popular and it could do double duty. Besides, butcher shop can often burn through a plascrete and kill you again later with how slow your set-up time is compared to old PPVP kate.

14 Jun 2016 bubbathegoat

I've seen "Freedom Through Equality" use to great effect with The Turning Wheel for a deep R&D dig when the game was on the line. It's a powerful card that wins games.

I've had some sucess lately using Power to the People,which has me thinking I could use Freedom instead, and just win quicker.

Obviously in this current meta where nearly every corp is running GFI to make the runner steal 4 agendas, getting an extra point from an agenda steal really undermines the corps' game plan.

17 Jun 2016 Esfres34

Having a ton of fun with this deck. Freedom Through Equality is bonkers. Question, though. How do you use Hyperdriver? I feel like I always draw it a few turns in and don't have the memory. I'm doing -2 Hyperdriver, +1 Laundry, +1 Scavenge. -1 Plascrete, +1 NRE

17 Jun 2016 Esfres34

I've also been trying some Out of the Ashes, since I overdraw with ProCo a lot. It's mostly good against bioroids. Any thoughts on that, or is it too low-impact?

18 Jun 2016 Lttlefoot

How is technical writer working out? Are you getting enough credits from it to make a 3rd copy worthwhile?

18 Jun 2016 bblum

@Esfres34 Hyperdriver is the diesel replacement. I will SMC for it as long as I have another SMC/clone to back me up (obviously drawing it naturally is better); then I will usually proco 4 times and install 3 things, sometimes making a run as well. I find it pretty important for getting out of the early game quickly. I don't like ashes for deck slot reasons; part of the point of this deck is you have way more free deck slots than whiz to spend on hate cards.

@Lttlefoot Writer is kind of a bad lucky find replacement. I usually take it late-midgame when it has 6-8 on it (used to be more, but corps other than sync aren't really pressuring the credit pool anymore). It's 50/50 whether I discard the second, depending how I feel about my daily cast situation.

19 Jun 2016 wompa164

I thought you were only allowed 1 ID round.

30 Jun 2016 smeghead

@wompa164 no you can ID all you want. :(

1 Jul 2016 Slowriffs

I had a lot of success with a very similar Kate list, but one thing I am surprised by is that you only have 2 smc. Is this always enough for you? I feel like if I don't find one asap then I can't deal with NEH at all. (And the meta here is 70% NEH.)

10 Jul 2016 matthopkins

So I've played this deck a little, and through a GNK tournament, and found myself never using the levy. Even in the one game that I burned through my deck, the game was so close to being over that it wasn't worth it.

What match ups do you find it useful for? IG I imagine, but very few people here play it.

And if you were to cut it, what would you suggest replacing it with? I'm thinking the third SMC.

Then there's the question of whether to keep same old thing, but it can be nice for indexing