It's still a yellow scorch deck.

Smokestack 460

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I decided I like running Haarps over NEH because I feel like the ID not only slows down the Runner from scoring on you but allows a lot more creativity in play choices. The changes I made from my previous version are -2 pop ups, -1 lily lockwell, + 1 archangel, +1 midseasons and +1 CVS. Archangel is too good at popping things you dont want the runner to have install like film critic or plascrete, CVS helps push agendas against clot decks, and a 2nd midseasons is needed for consistency.

With haarps you have the ability to run more agendas, and putting data ravens, news teams and quantums into archives basically makes archives unrunnable, allowing you to hide agendas in it. its also a good place to upgrade with your CVS at that point as well.

Just as an extra note, some changes I've been considering are cutting astros and the grid for beales and psychographics. I feel like psycho puts more scoring pressure on decks that run clot. They have to have clot installed premptively, in which case ill take a turn to purge, or they have to clot my installs, in which case I can double install beales. Something I might try out.

Rd 1 vs Whizzard

Whizzard normally isnt a bad matchup, as I have very few assets for him to trash, mostly just my 1 grid. I got a slow start this game though, not seeing much econ and he was able to trash most of the ice I rezzed with cutlery. I managed to push out 3 points against him, but he was seeing to many agendas. He ended up medium digging, seeing an astro, putting him to 5 points, something else, and then an explode 3rd down. I had to draw the top card, so running R&D would win him the game, meaning I had to draw the explode, but he ended up fishing it out of my hand anyway, as I had no outs at that point.

Rd 2 vs CT

My first turn was data raven on HQ as i had a Quantum in hand, install jackson and click for a credit. He installs procon, uses it, installs personal workshop, and hosts multithreader. I push out a breaking news turn 2 with scorch and 24/7 in hand, drawing 15 minutes. He uses procon 3 times and hosts an RDI. I push out the 15 minutes. He uses procon, hosts a box-e and continues to tick down RDI. I draw traffic for turn and pretend to recover on econ, clicking for 3 credits. He still ticks down RDI and procons 3 times. I 24/7 combo and kill him.

Rd 3 vs Leela

Opening hand is midseasons, archangel, jackson and some econ, I ice up HQ install jackson and hedge. I stay a head on credits and eventually draw an explode. I install it bare and advance it and draw with jackson, getting a traffic to compliment the scorch I already have. He steals the explode and installs a plascrete, putting me at 17 credits and he goes to 2. I reinstall the archangel he bounced and drop resistor on R&D and then give him 10 tags. He checks HQ and archangel bounces his plascrete, he clicks for credits and reinstalls. I start to dig for a second scorch, he checks archives, scoring another explode, giving me 2 quantums and taking 4 more tags from news teams. After a couple turns of digging I find the second scorch before he finds another plascrete and I damage him out.

Rd 4 vs Hayley

Lost this game. Number of things contributed. Shaper has a fairly decent matchup and he had the full suite of things haarpsichord doesnt like. Plascretes, film critic, artist colony, clot. I score an early astro script and he gets fan site off of it. I push out a couple 2/1s and pressure a 24/7 scorch kill, forcing him to forfeit fan site for a plascrete. I push a scorch through hoping to see a jackson later and exhausting his plascrete. He checks archives taking all 3 news teams, and forfeits them to artist colony for a tech writer, installing a tech writer from hand, and then grabs 2 caches. I never have a window after that as artist colony for a clot can stop me from fast advancing anything.

Rd 5 vs Ken tenma

I mulligan a hand of no ice into a hand with 3 agendas and no ice. I score out 15 mins turn one hoping I can see a breaking news early. I dump quantums and news teams into archives behind a pair of data ravens that i eventually draw. I see about half of my agendas before seeing any ice, and then see a bunch of ice in a row. I finally do push out a breaking and also manage to score a TGTBT, but to score it i drop below 8 credits, so he inside jobs archives and picks up the explode I hid there for game.

top cut

Rd 1 and 2 I run

Rd 3 vs whizzard

I see all 3 explodes fairly early, i dump 2 into archives, he checks archives giving me 10 credits, and then goes back the next turn for the second explode. I push out a couple of 2/1s quickly after that. have scorch and 24/7 in hand. I dig for the traffic and find it quickly. I go for the combo and miss the I've had worse on the traffic, and then scorch for game.

Rd 4 vs Whizzard

More of a draw out game that I score out for the win. I push out an early astro by double installing 2 astros and letting him have one. then I score out a couple 1 pointers, including a breaking news. He sees another astro off R&D and swaps it for my breaking news with turntable so that he can shut off my 24/7 combo. I install an explode and advance it once. He steals it and I midseasons for 12 tags. I draw a 15 minutes and burn 2 scorches and a traffic, killing his plascrete and hitting an Ive had worse. While he draws back up i score out the 15 minutes, putting me at 6 points. He is at 4 points and continues to hit R&D looking for an agenda but never seens one, I draw double quantums, so I install them both. He checks one and I score it for game.

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I think (short of the pop-ups) this is along what you are thinking. You can always make room for a CVS, but I didn't need it on the day. The added pressure from Psychographics is just amazing. The ability to win 3 (yes 3) different ways is just insane and makes the runner question every move!