kata124 413

Everything in this deck has a chair in it. If it doesn't I'm sorry. ICE was hard, I just imagined "can this ICE sit in a chair" and if the answer was yes, I put it in the deck.

14 Nov 2015 Crauseon

Wouldn't Traffic Accident work better than Scorched Earth? At least the cars have chairs - Lizzie has none. Or, is she burning the chairs inside the building?

14 Nov 2015 StarryVeck

Amazing idea.

14 Nov 2015 ClockwiseWitness

I appreciate decks like this.

15 Nov 2015 frizz

Love it. You seem to have missed the opportunity to include Chairman Hiro.

16 Nov 2015 tuism

I am literally lolling :) Good job, I thought the meta would be full of tables, so this might be a good counter (top).

Sorry :P

16 Nov 2015 Chuftbot

Don't you think you should table this until there's more chair ICE?

17 Nov 2015 x3r0h0ur

I don't think hedge fund has a chair in it.

17 Nov 2015 corncobs19

you had your chance, and you blew it

26 Nov 2015 Alsciende

@corncobs19 They didn't have enough influence :-)

11 Dec 2015 manveruppd

You forgot Wotan! :)