Choo choo motherfuckers

SneakdoorMelb 693

Part of the winning team in the TWA Team Tournament in Melbourne (WOTAN CLAN 4 LYFE) and also took down the Gatekeeper Games league.

Same principle as the other Turtlebacks/Sponsorship decks - spam remotes, recur assets, win games. Eli over Lotus Field and Ichi over Archer compared to the standard version, both were great. Blacklist was an anti-Clot tool but in practice it wasn't needed, Cyberdex did its job nicely.

19 Oct 2015 LSK

Do you need 12 agendas if you're playing Ichi over Archer?

19 Oct 2015 SneakdoorMelb

Maybe? I mostly put them in to get more Team Sponsorship triggers and to try out The Future is Now. Haven't really had problems with it though, lost two games to agenda flood but in both cases it was all 2-pointers. Breaking News is very strong for killing resources and with Turtlebacks often breaks even in cost.