Harmony Goddess

MaruXV 15

A very fast - all in corp deck that lets you focus on the runner match. It has a few tricks, but quite difficult to overrun. When you get a 3pointer at turn2, the match gets quite exciting for both players. The ice is light but works well for his job. You have some removal traps, and back channels to transform discovered trap in credits. It's not the most solid deck in netrunner indeed, but its a deck full of surprises, and more " succesful" than you would think.Plus, even if you lose you usually get 3pts, that means a good boost into a long tournament.

The Faust-full meta now is not the best one for this deck, that's why maybe 2x will o the wisp could be better for now.

8 Oct 2015 pang4

Fast Track? It could help you advance an agenda behind a Goddess without having to draw a bunch of cards ^^